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City life would be NOTHING without best friends to share the adventures with! If you’re not convinced, today’s story with Camilla Mayer and Karina de Jesus of Open Haus Collective will prove otherwise. Hailing from opposite ends of the world, these cool and creative besties now call Bushwick, BK their home. More impressively they’ve also found what most of us city dwellers crave – a sense of balance. When they’re not working or traveling you can find the duo showing their borough some local love by cooking and hosting movie screenings at their home, or enjoying all the emerging neighborhood has to offer. #BrooklynBabes

When it comes to their jobs, while both Camilla and Karina work in the fast-paced and at times, chaotic fashion and beauty industries, their approach to either is anything but. In matters of fashion, their style signatures include neutral palettes and simple silhouettes (a winning combination if you ask us) though we couldn’t help but notice their flawless approach to beauty. From punchy accents to a finishing bold lip, we just can’t get enough! So on a sunny May morning, we joined Camilla and Karina for a backyard beauty session, where they shared an in-depth look into their morning schedules and how they’ve managed to find a quick and easy beauty routine for their busy lifestyle…

overt nyc open haus co milk make up karina de jesus camilla mayer brooklyn bushwick

Hey girls! Thanks for having us, we’ve loved seeing tidbits of your home and amazing backyard. Where can we find each of you getting ready in the morning and do you have a solid routine?

Camilla: My routine is pretty regular, I wake up shower and 3x a week try to get in a workout. In nicer weather, I bring my yoga out to the backyard and do my work out there. Chata my cat keeps me company which is pretty cute!

Karina: You will find me running between my bedroom and the bathroom. Every morning is the same – I can’t function without a routine. Wake up, shower (I love coconut oil as my moisturizer), quiet time, pack lunch, throw on some makeup and run out the door. I don’t use lots of makeup but a BB cream and highlighter is a must. After that, it varies between mascara or bold lips.

Black may be the uniform choice for all fashion lovers here in NYC but do you think this extends to beauty? To us, it seems like that’s really where city girls like to experiment. So with that, how have you found your beauty style? 

Camilla: Being in a city like NYC, your beauty definitely becomes experimental. A bright lip, for example, can elevate a look from day to night, especially if you rely on a uniform every day.

Karina: I absolutely agree! For the longest time, my lips would be the only pop of color you would see. I love a good pink lip and not a pink dress!

You both always looks so well put together. What about one another inspires your style the most? If you had to challenge one another to change up their beauty style this summer what would you suggest?

Camilla: If I had to challenge Karina in switching up her look, I would recommend playing with different hair looks! I think a pastel ombre look would be amazing on her.

Karina: I’m always inspired by Camilla’s no mascara look. She can experiment with color everywhere else including her lids, and use no mascara which looks super effortless to me. If I had to challenge her, I’d encourage her to wear more color. This is funny because for the longest time that was her challenge for me!!

From a morning at the office to a night out with friends, talk to us about your beauty essentials. What can you always count on having in your makeup bag? 

Camilla: I always have at least three products on hand — a lip color like Milk Makeup in CREAM, Milk Makeup Matte Bronzer, and Milk Makeup Highlighter in Lit.

Karina: A good lipstick can change up a look instantly so you’ll definitely find a couple of those. I also love my highlighter, bronzer, and a face gloss. It’s all about that dewy look.

overt nyc open haus co milk make up karina de jesus camilla mayer brooklyn bushwick
City girls NEVER stop, we may start out the day looking flawless but by the end… What are a few tips you can offer for maintaining your flawless look and beauty/skincare routine despite always being on the go? 

Camilla: Planning and products are key when mastering your beauty/skin routine. Products that can be utilized in different ways helps me spend less time getting ready.

Karina: Take care of your skin! Drink TONS of water, cleanse it, eat well. If your skin looks amazing it’s not hard to maintain it.

What role do both Spring beauty and city living play in the OHC brand/community? 

Camilla: Spring in the city is such an amazing time. I find that New Yorkers are happier and ready to meet up more often than in the winter. It’s a great time to be seen and experiment with your look.

Karina: Spring is all about a natural fresh look and that’s what Open Haus is all about as well. We’re never done up, it’s more about keeping it interesting but natural.

Camilla, we’ve seen (and adore) your amazing Snapchat subway makeup sessions on the subway! Does anyone ever approach you? Has anyone on the train ever inspired your beauty look of the day? What are some Milk Makeup favorites lately? 

Camilla: I have discovered no-hands on Snapchat, so sometimes for fun I will challenge myself to do my makeup on the train. It’s loads of fun and I get a lot of looks. Every day I use the Milk Makeup Hydrating Oil Stick — it’s pretty much my go to for moisture in stick form. It’s amazing!

Karina, how would you describe your relationship to beauty? How have your travels/living in different major cities inspired it?

Karina: I feel like no matter where I have traveled or lived, the chicest girls have always looked effortless so that’s definitely something that has inspired my attitude towards beauty. Fresh, just a tad messy, happy (thus the colorful lips), glowing. Your beauty regimen should reflect your best self, not change it.

overt nyc open haus co milk make up karina de jesus camilla mayer brooklyn bushwick

Photos by Bridget Badore for OVERT NYC


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