WHO: Eve lynn Kessner

WHAT: Soul Cycle Instructor / Mama 

WHERE: Midtown to Park Slope

IG: @evelynnkess

From the hustle & bustle of Midtown to the quiet neighborhood of Park Slope – This busy mama bear is the ultimate City Girl that leads a double life. Introducing this week’s City Girl, Eve Kessner, SoulCycle instructor, yogi and most importantly a mom to two of the sweetest little girls. You would never guess that this super fit Lululemon ambassador would be a mom of 2 with a body like hers! If Eve doesn’t motivate you to get your butt into shape, we’re not too sure what else will!

 In this installment of City Girl Hangouts, we talk to Eve about her fitness journey, how she relaxes in the city, her special beauty secret and mom LIFE.

Eve’s outfit details: Lululemon Top, Lululemon Tights, OVERT Leather Noho Backpack and Converse Shoes.

1. How do you stay motivated when it comes to working out, eating healthy and being a mom?

My kids and my riders. Both in equal measures keep me on my toes and I certainly need that. It’s so easy to fall into lazy times and bad behaviors, but knowing that I have people looking up to me to set an example of health and wellness, I am grounded in my journey.

Work out: SoulCycle Union Square, 12 E 18th St, New York, NY 10003

Eve Kessner OVERT Soulcycle

2. Have you always loved fitness and maintained a healthy lifestyle?

No, not always. Before I got pregnant with my oldest, I was pretty unaware of the impact of what we eat and wear on our world. I was a vegetarian and just beginning my journey at the time. But my pregnancy fueled my need for learning more about how to live more wholly, more healthfully, in order to both function at our highest capacity and shape the world we are living in.

3. What is your advice to people who want to get fit and healthy but use the excuse that they don’t have time?

No one has time. And what I mean by that is EVERYONE HAS TIME ;)! It is truly a matter of perspective. In examining your priorities, you can restructure your day to feel like there is time for the things that are important to you. On really busy days, maybe that means paying more attention to what you eat and finding exercises on the go (hitting the stairs instead of the elevator and doing some isometric holds in your abs, glutes, quads while you stand in line for lunch). On days where you have late meetings, maybe start your day earlier and hit up a 7am SoulCycle to start your day off right! What I can guarantee to you is that by making strong choices, it will be easier to make more strong choices. By subverting what you believe to be the right thing you will set off an energy of skipping and skimping. Be bold in what you believe you can do! You are capable of more than you think.

Eve’s Go-to face oil: Birthed from a need, concocted in my bathroom, developed through scent, my face oil is both simple and basic, but changed my life. Once upon a time, I was a very vata constitution: dreamy, restless, waify, dry. I didn’t sweat much (ever). Until I started SoulCycling. Cardio sweat sessions were very new to me, but quickly I fell in love with the high, the release, the energy.

Rider to instructor, and before I knew it SoulCycling became my life. All day every day I was cycling and sweating and then doing it again and again. And with all the exercise, running between studios, super fast paced lifestyle, my constitution changed. All of a sudden my skin had done an 180 and I was breaking out and looking beat. I had gained strength but lost my glow. All the sweating and washing and re-moisturizing was stripping my skin and it was not pretty! Desperate, I tried everything I could find on the market: high-end, natural, organic, infused with science, recommended by my friends, insisted upon by my grandmothers… Nothing worked! Finally, I decided to go back to my essential oils drawer (when my girls were babies I used to make lotions and potions to cure everything from annoying diaper rash to itchy bug bites). Following my nose, I mixed some things that I thought would feel nice and smell fresh after a workout.

And after a little trial and error, I found my face oil. A little floral, a tinge citrusy, with a hint of spice and a glimmer of shimmer, it’s refreshing and soft and nourishes without stripping and leaves the slightest glint of shine to catch the light just right. It is both simple and simply the only thing I need to keep my skin feeling and looking fresh and dewy.


4. What’s your take on healthy eating and how do you maintain a healthy diet while living a city lifestyle?

City or country the answer is being prepared. Both planning what and when you’ll eat and prepping your food so it’s on hand for mealtime. If you have a plan and stick to it, it’s harder to make bad decisions. If you put the time and effort into planning and prepping your food, you won’t want to skip it!

Family time: Park Slope

5. Balance is an important part of city life, how do you balance your work and home life and what does it mean to you?

Balance is KEY. I find when I lean too deep into one or the other I fall off track. When I am too ingrained in my work, my home life unravels. When I focus too much on home stuff, I lose momentum in career growth. I truly believe that each support each other as much as they pull from each other. If I am teaching too many classes and not doing anything else, the context of what I have to give in class is soft. If I am too busy at home and not spending enough time being thoughtful about what I’m giving in class, my class becomes repetitive. The perfect balance is somewhat of a unicorn though. The best we can do is strive for it.


6. What are your favorite things to do to wind down and relax?

Yoga. In the dark, with lavender incense burning and my Himalayan salt lamp glowing. Also, Netflix!


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