We met Andreina on a perfectly crisp + bright New York day in Chelsea and welcomed her upbeat + positive vibes as much as the breath of fresh air.

In true City Girl style, she greeted us rushing from a class at The School for Visual Arts where she is in her senior year and completing her Masters in Interior Design “Sorry! I just have to quickly go and change my shoes, is that ok?” and dashed off to change out of her day-to-day Converse and into her impressive red metallic platform boots emblazoned with a golden flame design.

It was love at first sight. Say hello, to Andreina.

overt nyc andreina figueira noho bag city girl

Lives //

Hells’ Kitchen

City Girl Mindset //

“I value honesty and hard work. I believe if you set yourself a goal and work for it fair and square you’ll achieve it.”

Where We Went //

School of Visual Arts for Interior Design

JoANNE Artman Gallery

via the streets of Chelsea (West 18th – 22nd St btw 6th + 10th Ave)

The Backstory //

“Well, this is kind of a long story, but I’m originally from Venezuela. A Latin American country first known for its ecological diversity and beautiful beaches but mostly for its political issues. I’m from Caracas, the capital; so I’ve technically always been a city girl, but it doesn’t even begin to compare to NYC. I always knew I wanted to do something related to design, media, and architecture.


I grew up in a very supportive household, but the political and socio-economical situation of the country made it difficult for anyone to pursue any career in that field, this was a result of government management, right now Venezuela has issues such as crime, first necessity products scarcity, inflation, general poverty and lack of resources. This led thousands of Venezuelans to leave the country.


I think the fact that I grew up in a situation like this motivates me every day more and more, when I left I told myself I was going to do something big so one day I could come back and make a difference. So while being in NYC, everyday I give my best, I do as much as I can, my background made me fearless and independent and I believe that has given me strength in my career and my take on life in general.


The Hustle //

“I go to the School of Visual Arts for Interior Design, a career that some people call “Decorating”, but in reality is much more than that. Humans spend 80% of their lives indoors, so creating an environment that promotes wellness and supports human behavior is very important. I don’t only create beautiful things, but functional and innovative spaces that encourage human development. I’m a creator, so designing a space for other creators is something I’ve always wanted to do, I’m currently working on my thesis, which is going to be a creators space for digital media located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. I take 5 different classes including architectural design, 3D modeling, business, art history and environmental studies.”

“On top of that, I work part-time at a Design firm in Lower Manhattan called Spacesmith. It gets pretty busy!  The projects there range from education, corporate to government and residential. I’ve gotten to be a part of a lot of different areas and I enjoy it a lot.” 

overt nyc

overt nyc andreina figueira


“I always loved drawing and when I was little I would always try to reinvent my room and arrange all the furniture. I love beautiful structures and buildings and I’m particularly interested in the relationship between the exterior envelope and their relationship to the inside.”











overt nyc andreina figueira noho bag city girl






“Also, the idea of creating something that will influence people and their behavior is something that goes beyond the tangible; for me, Design Impacts Lives.”










jeff koons project overt city girl andreina figueira
Sections. Jeff Koons: Artist in Residence



Playing Favorites //

“My favorite school project was designing a conceptual Tribeca Loft Residence for Jeff Koons. I love him as an artist and was able to make a space that allows for creativity and celebrates the Pop Art Movement.”





overt nyc andreina figueira noho bag city girl


“The image, social media and website are unlike any I’ve seen in the sense that OVERT actually engages me and shows the NYC lifestyle and things that city girls can identify with. I enjoyed reading through the blog and I felt like I was connected to these girls, makes me proud to be part of it now! I absolutely love my bag. I use every day. It fits my lifestyle perfectly, I’m able to bring my laptop everywhere and looking good at the same time.”

overt nyc andreina figuiera(we did not pay her to say this – promise! haha, but seriously, we didn’t)




Millenial Pink  + Other Trends //

“I love the millennial pink! I’ve used it in some of my projects in little details such as signage and lighting. I think this trend it’s making us rethink the “meaning” behind colors and focus more on the way they make us feel, which I think it’s way more important. For example, I love red because it makes me feel energized. Millennial Pink makes me feel calm and welcome.”



“Design trends are not the same as fashion because the trends are driven by human needs. I think the next trend and one that has actually already started is the Open Collaboration. Coworking spaces are more and more common every day and it’s becoming a usual thing for an office to have an open floor plan. How to make people feel at ease when they’re at work and creating a home-like office. I think the workspace is definitely going to be even more redefined next year.”


Design Inspiration //

“I take inspiration from anything around me! But If I’m looking for something specific I go to sites like Dezeen or Design Milk and my favorite for graphics is Digital Synopsis.”

overt nyc andreina figuiera

overt nyc andreina figuiera
Billy Schenck | “Saddle Up” at JoANNE Artman Gallery


The Dream Hood + Pad //

“In the future, I would love to live in Chelsea, I love the neighborhood, the proximity to the Art Galleries, young professionals and those brownstones are so beautiful!

If I were to design my own house it would probably be really white, modern, with lots of natural lighting and lots of art on the walls.”


The Ideal Weekend //

“A combination of relaxing, socializing and getting stuff done.”

“One of my favorite spots for food in the city is Mimi Cheng’s Dumplings (lovely spot with two locations) and my favorite coffee shop is La Colombe, they have two located in Soho, so I like to stroll around and hit those two spots.”

“Another thing that I love doing on the weekends is going to Flea Markets, I go to Brooklyn Flea a lot, I actually did last weekend, the winter edition is now located at Industry City and it’s absolutely amazing.”

overt nyc andreina figuiera

“Maybe later in the evening, I would grab drinks with some friends, some of my favorite happy hour spots that I used to frequent during the summer time (I feel like drinking outdoor in the sun is so much better) are Union Pool and The Well, in Williamsburg and Bushwick. ”



Instagram // @indigokiddo – fill us in?

“Great question! @indigokiddo originated from the term “Indigo Children” which is the name given to children who possess unique abilities and special traits and are able to see beyond normality. I don’t necessarily consider myself one but I like the idea of the whole concept. I also like how it sounds, it’s kinda catchy haha.”



Style //

“Today I’m wearing a fur coat and pants – both are from Mango.”

“The t-shirt from Bershka and my shoes I thrifted! I love European brands and Vintage clothes.”

“My style tip is to take risks and don’t worry what everyone else thinks, as long as you’re comfortable you’ll rock it.”


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