Union Square – 14th Street. One of the busiest hubs in Downtown Manhattan (center of New York City,) sounds like a perfect place to work out in your sports bra right? When it’s for a cause as good as this and you are surrounded by a bunch of kick ass NY women and taking a class with Alex Silver-Fagan, it sure is!

We joined our newest City Girl, Alex Silver-Fagan to work out at Dare to Bare; an event run by the Movemeant Foundation.‘ Dare To Bare’ is Movemeant Foundation’s flagship outdoor charity fitness event and the largest body-positive event across the country.

Hundreds of women faced their fears and the crowds this Sunday to be a part of Dare to Bare and to work out together in their sports bras and embrace their own bodies and encourage positive body image and self-confidence. Including US!!

As we were sweating, jumping and squatting it out with Alex during her everyday athlete work out – we couldn’t miss all the positive vibes amongst a sea of smiling faces and motivating cheers.

“Together, we ‘dare’ ourselves to overcome the fears of our physical appearance in celebration of our physical strength, emotional fortitude, mental grit and self-love.  We move. We sweat.  We dance.  And we shed not just our shirts, but our insecurities—proving that bodies of all shapes and sizes are healthy and capable. “






Find out more about Dare to Bare and other upcoming events around the US and all the babes baring it all in the pics below… HERE.