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There’s nothing quite like ending the week with Spring weather and an iced coffee in hand. Our girl Lauren thinks so too, and she brought us to her local favorite Joe’s Coffee for a cold brew and catch up. While coffee is always listed as an essential among our community of city girls we were curious to hear more of Lauren’s thoughts from a wellness perspective – because for her it’s much more than just the drink. Walking through the doors of the shop, we were IMMEDIATELY welcomed with a smile from the staff whom Lauren warmly greeted with a big hug and small talk. We stepped outdoors and talked about supporting small businesses and enjoying life’s little moments… which we can now say are made a bit a sweeter thanks to Joe’s. Discover more in her fifth and final diary entry below.

Our city girls prove that coffee is a quintessential part of the NYC experience,  but as a native New Yorker would you agree? How long have you been drinking coffee?

I’ve only been a coffee drinker for a few years. I don’t drink it every day and I only have a cup a day. I think anything in excess is a bad thing, but I’m certainly not at that place and my Americano in the morning brings me a whole lot of joy!

lauren taus overt nyc joe's coffee upper west side manhattan follow the girl

Joe’s prides itself on being family-run and providing a warm atmosphere, which can be a refreshing change of pace. Are you mindful of supporting or going to businesses that have these values? Why do you think it’s important to support places that foster community?

I love a mom-and-pop shop. Anything local and mindful is always preferred. I’d be lying if I said that I’m always discriminating in my consumption, but I do appreciate and aspire to cultivate the warmth in everything I do.

lauren taus overt nyc joe's coffee upper west side manhattan follow the girl

Can you share any anecdotes or memories that really sum up your NYC experience that were had over coffee at Joe’s?

I just love that I know everyone’s name at Joe’s, and they know mine. They know my order and we know about each other’s lives. I think that this type of connection makes a big city feel small and homey. I want that comfort, and I’m sure you do too!

We think that’s one of the best aspects of finding neighborhood favorites! Tell us about some of your off the clock favorites…

Go-to healthy snack: I love green juices and smoothies. I love to make them myself at home. Key ingredients: almond milk, frozen bananas and other fruits, spinach, peanut butter! Also, WATER. Staying hydrated is critical.

Favorite things to talk about over a cup of joe (other than work!): I love to talk about life, about emotion, about love and loss. I love to talk about clothes and boys too! But I can’t hold a vapid conversation for longer than a few minutes. Like I said, I’m a meaning monger.

lauren taus overt nyc joe's coffee upper west side manhattan follow the girl

Lauren’s Diary: Sunday April 25th, 2016, 9:30PM – I’m looking for more clarity. I’m actively trying to identify my point of difference, my niche so that I can deliver my end goal better to people. I’m clear on what that is – heal, evolve, enjoy! But my way still feels a little too diffused, so that’s what’s top of mind right now.

Photos by Bridget Badore for OVERT NYC