Hey babes – we’re back again with another City Girl on Film feature. This time, get friendly with Shanika Hillocks, an NYC based influencer and marketing manager. A few weeks ago, we trailed her around the famous (Instagram worthy) Dumbo for a few hours, and had the chance to ask her some questions on her version of city living – captured on film.

The Hustle //  

“What’s a city girl without a side hustle? From “9-to-5” I’m a Influencer Relations Manager who spearheads the discipline at a PR agency specializing in wine & spirits. Essentially, I build relationships with digital luminaries,taking the conversations offline to understand their creative ethos, and for us to work together to produce content for the clients in the agency’s roster. That foundation of relationship building naturally evolved into my side hustle. As a PR professional by trade, storytelling and investigating is in my blood. I took those skills and started to the tell the stories I wanted to see coming from a source who looked like me.”

“My passion is to continue to occupy and make space for those who aren’t represented in food and drink spaces.”

“Current projects include a forthcoming piece on the usage of a text app in the hospitality space, working on my first personal essay, and fleshing out summer travel.”

overt nyc city girl shanika

Backstory //

“I’m original from the Sunshine State, but was born in Long Island. I have a number of cousins who reside here, so New York has always felt like home. The summer between my junior and senior year of college, I had an internship at BET and truly had one of the best experiences. I had just returned to the US from studying in Madrid, was just shy of 21 and craving city life. It was during that time, I became acclimated with the city (subways, neighborhoods and the like) and fell in love with the unique rhythm that only exists here.”

“After graduation, I couldn’t relieve the itch, so I bought a one-way ticket. Almost six years later, and that infatuation, for me, still exists.”

What’s Next? //

“Ooof there is SO. MUCH. ON. DECK and I couldn’t be more excited.” 

“I’m currently learning conversational French in advance of a trip to the South of France. I haven’t been to Europe in years, so I’m really looking forward to being back. I’m turning 28 this summer, and my birthday is always a great time to reflect and of course, celebrate. Alongside the fun, I’ll be gifting myself a financial advisement–because adulting and building for the future. Lastly, my partner and I are building some creative content as an editorial and photo duo, which is a also very exciting. For restaurants/bars, check out my Instagram! I always geotag and mention where I’m eating and drinking in the city and elsewhere.”

Want to know more about Shanika? Be sure to check out her City Girls on Film reel…


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