Each week we will be speaking to girls in the OVERT community to help us shed some light on authentic city living. From a busy morning at the office to a night on the town, each day they’ll be sharing an exclusive diary chronicling their day-to-day in the city that never sleeps – so be sure to keep checking back daily as each of our OVERT city girls share a new update filled with neighborhood discoveries and inspiring style! In her final entry, Briana takes us to her favorite neighborhood specialty store and shares a little bit of insight on finding the magic in city life.cw pencil enterprise follow the girl

CW Pencil Enterprise is pretty new to the neighborhood. Is it already a staple for you and what do you love most about the ambiance?

You know that feeling when you see something that is so unbearably adorable (i.e. kitten, baby, miniature pretty much anything) and you just want to squeeze it and squeal and take a big bite out of it?! That’s how I feel about CW Pencils. It’s just so goddamn cute and perfect! I love love love little one-of-a-kind boutiques. I love walking into a shop that you want to stay in for hours just so you can look at and touch every single item in there.

cw pencil enterprise follow the girl

Do you find that many other cities you’ve visited or lived in have shops like this?

In Paris, it’s the coolest thing, you can go down different streets and it will be lined with the same type of specialty store, one after the next. Like in the 9th there’s this area where every single store sells stamps. One after the next after the next — all stamps.

cw pencil enterprise follow the girl
Feb 12th, 7:45am – New notebook! New notebook! This is going to be my dream journal. I have been having cray cray dreams lately and I gotta document that sheit!!! Hahahaha last night is a weird dream to start out with but I had a very vivid dream that I was hanging out with Kendall and Kylie (Jenner! Obvi! Come on dream journal!) and we discussing our favorite skincare regimen. Kylie was impressibly low maintenance. I have a new found respect for her. Susan Miller tells me that this month is going to be a big one. Then again she tells that to me every month but I like the consistent enthusiasm. I also believe her! This month already feels larger than life. Work is wild and crazy, friends are better than ever, this city is keeps on giving. We read our horoscopes to try and uncover things to motivate us, don’t we?

Would you say supporting a small business like C.W. Pencils is a big part of how you shop?

There’s something I like about this, going to a specific store for a specific reason. I go to the produce market to get veggies, to the shoe repair to fix my boots (oh man that’s a good reminder I really need to do that this week,) and then my stationary store for new notebooks. There’s a certain order to it. But there’s also something in supporting small business owners who are experts in their field. It feels authentic to me. I’d rather buy from someone I feel like I am building a genuine relationship with, rather than a huge faceless company.

cw pencil enterprise follow the girl

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Photos by Bridget Badore for OVERT NYC