From the West Village to Williamsburg we’re lucky to know so many babes throughout the big apple who are reshaping city life for girls everywhere. Each week we will be speaking to girls in the OVERT community to help us shed some light on authentic city living and bring to life our OVERT Follow The Girl concept. From a busy morning at the office to a night on the town and everything in between; each day they’ll be sharing an exclusive diary chronicling their day-to-day in the city that never sleeps. Posts will be updated each day, so be sure to check back as each of our OVERT City Girls share a new update filled with their personal neighborhood discoveries and inspiring style.

To kick off our first Follow The Girl diary, our girl Briana let us walk in her shoes for a week. Briana embodies city living to the fullest in all that she does. She’s the Global PR Manager at Tictail, a self-proclaimed yogi and seasoned globe-trotter (goals!). She is the type of girl that makes a new friend where ever she goes with her bright smile and fun-loving attitude. Briana thrives in a city like New York, taking in all the opportunity and good times (or wine) thrown her way, though she doesn’t let this get in the way of her career ambitions. We met up with her at her apartment in South Williamsburg where she gave us the scoop on making a home in city like NYC, and where you can find her when not she’s not hibernating from these bone-chilling winter days…

briana feigon follow the girl

Hi Briana, please introduce yourself and tell us a little about your background.

Hi! I’m Briana. I’m a girl and I like lots of things. Born and raised in San Francisco, went to school in Connecticut, I fell in love with Paris, and then moved to New York five years ago and haven’t left since. I moved from the East Village to South Williamsburg about two years ago and I love the change. Williamsburg reminds me of SF. The buildings are lower, the cafes are cozier, and I run into friends it feels like every day! I love that Williamsburg really feels like home. I have my routine: my local grocery store, my favorite weekend spots, my bike shop, and easy access to the bridge. One of my favorite things about living in Williamsburg is walking the bridge to go into the city. When it’s warmer out, I do it multiple times a week!

briana feigon follow the girl

When it comes to city living what aren’t we talking more about/focusing in on?

I spend a lot of time outt and aboutt (read with Canadian accent!). Whether exploring New York through adventuring in new neighborhoods, eating at amazing restaurants, or taking advantage of the awesome art and culture this city has to offer (I love seeing live theater!) — I spend a lot of time outside of my apartment. I also travel a ton for work (and pleasure) so it’s not that unusual for me to leave the apartment by 8AM and not come home until 11PM!

Briana’s Diary:

briana feigon follow the girl
Feb 9, 2016, 9:46pm – Sitting on my couch eating a grain bowl, my favorite meal I make for myself. Rice, veggies, protein. Always better when you put an egg on it! I know, it’s so late to eat dinner but I just got home from yoga and I need to stay up later to work on a project before the morning, that is, after I finish this Weekend Update clip from the weekend. Michael Che is too good. My roommates are here and making me giggle. Feel so lucky everyday to live in a magical city with magical people surrounding me. <3

In your opinion, what makes a place feel like home and how does city life make you feel like you’re at home?

Home is a precious space for me. It is a place I need to feel comfortable and safe; both cozy and energized. I find that my home is a place of creativity for me. If I have a writing project, I like to sit on my couch on the weekend and type away. I spend a lot of time journaling and love sitting in my bed writing. I also love reading. There’s nothing better than waking up on a Saturday morning with a novel and a cup of tea. Right now I am devouring the Elena Ferrante series. It’s amazing. I don’t want it to end!

briana feigon follow the girl

Check back tomorrow as we follow Briana across the bridge and into Manhattan’s eclectic Lower East Side neighborhood…

Photos by Bridget Badore for OVERT NYC