In her closing entry Lily takes us to her favorite BK brunch spot and shares her favorite food memories in the city! Be sure to come back next Monday 2/29 as we introduce the diary of our next featured OVERT city girl…follow the girl lily qian

So Lily, Roebling Tea Room is known as a South Williamsburg staple. What about it do you personally love?

I moved to Williamsburg in 2005, one of the first restaurants my friends invited me to was to Roebling Tea Room. I immediately fell in love with this place. I miss the old English hunting dog wall paper, the leather sofas, and the Giraffe graffiti outside of the building – which are all gone now and replaced with more generic designs. It’s still my favorite brunch spot and I’ve taken every one of my visitors there. I love their bloody mary, super duper coffee, potato sandwich, and pretty much everything else on the menu. Every time I walk by the restaurant it makes me happy to see they are still there, especially when the neighborhood has changed too much.

follow the girl lily qian

Food itself is very artistic and can serve as a great source of inspiration – we know you’ve illustrated/worked on some food-related projects as well. Any anecdotes you can share on a few of these pieces that you’ve enjoyed doing the most?

My most favorite food illustration is a girl serving a Thanksgiving Turkey – I painted it on my apt floor prior to working to our art studio. The original is a 20” x 30” watercolor, super fun personal work. I also really like the “Risk Moto Coffee” and “Phoenicia Diner” illustration from The Style Line’s city guide editorial, A Weekend in Upstate New York. Our first city guide story about Charleston’s “Callie’s Little Hot Biscuit” also makes me really happy. I love comfort food, and it was really fun painting the biscuits’ textures with a sponge.

Lily’s Diary

follow the girl lily qian
Friday February 19, 2016 – 3:00PM

Can you think of any one moment that sums up a quintessential city experience that was had or shared with someone special over a meal? 

Yes, I have so many great memories shared over a meal! The first one comes to mind is from 2010, my first time visiting Shanghai. My new boyfriend at the time wanted to see the Shanghai expo, and to see if we’d make good travel partners. We’re both not planners and like to go with the flow, so just before going to the touristy old town, we got hungry and walked into a random hot pot restaurant on a shady little street. My mouth is watering just from thinking about this meal. It was so delicious, authentic, and it was the best thing we experienced on that trip. Needless to say we became good travelers together and had many good adventures after that trip.

follow the girl lily qian

Photos by Bridget Badore for OVERT NYC