In today’s world, so many of us talk about “doing it all”. What does this mean, and is it even an achievable goal? Probably not. And that’s ok.

Doing it all means caring about the small stuff and admitting that you sweat it. It means renting out your place on Airbnb for an impromptu trip to  Mexico. It’s having a crazy idea to move across the world and making it happen.  Believing that no idea is a crazy idea.

It is a constant hustle, even when you just can’t. Never putting your friends on the back burner, but coming to terms with the scary word – compromise.

It means being OVERT.

We are a COMMUNITY of city women doing “our all”, helping each other along the way.

Join us as we get to know the City Girls, their real-life hustles and offer an authentic guide to city living the OVERT way.