It’s London Fashion Week, so we decided to pay a visit to our City Girls kicking some ass across the pond.

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Introducing our very first London City Girl, Sheena O’Connor. We caught up with Sheena in her neighborhood, Angel Islington (Angel as the locals will call it) which happens to also be one of the most coveted and “English” places to live in the city of London.

She shared with us what it’s like to set up a new life in a big city (she has only been there for 4 months), what the dating scene is like – take note of her dating app tips girls! And – her favorite places to soak it all in with a good glass of vino.

What does London “City Living” mean to you? And the importance of making time for friends?

A fresh start.  It’s so great living somewhere with a bit of anonymity. I love London because I can go out whenever I like, and there’s always so much to do.

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Four months in and it is hard to find a free night to spend at home!  Everyone is so friendly, its been a really smooth transition for me making new friends, and I haven’t gotten homesick yet.

My motto is ‘YES’ and even if it requires an hour on the tube, I make the effort to show up to everything I am invited to.  Its kind of like dating but friend dating!


You seem to be quite the local already!

As much as I love going to new places I am very much a creature of habit once I find something I like. A few of my favorite spots remember me and we’ve become quite friendly – I like that sense of community.  One of my favorite bars in Shoreditch is also frequented by Khal Drogo from GOT.  We haven’t spoken… yet.  🙂

Coffee: The Coffee Works Project

Brunch/Lunch: Appestat

Cheat Day Treats: Gail’s Artisan Bakery (that carrot cake…)

(all of them have wifi too for work sessions – bonus!)
Where are you originally from and why/when did you make the move across the pond?

I made the move from Melbourne, Australia in May this year.  I spent 14 years there and as much as I love it, it was definitely time for a change.  I decided I needed to move in July last year while visiting friends in New York, but London won in the end as I have a British passport. Melbourne is a fantastic place to live (just voted the most liveable city in the world for the 6th year running and all) but I need a good solid break from it.  

overt-london-Tell us how it feels to be making this big change and what parts of your lifestyle have had to change?

A lot of people warned me about the London weather but it’s been an incredible long summer!  Culturally I find London so similar to Melbourne.

Shopping is a thing of the past as it’s such an expensive city to live in, these days my salary all goes to restaurants and bars.  One thing that I realized from moving overseas is that I have just over 60kg of clothing, and I only wear about 10 items on repeat, soooo wine it is.

overt-london-And city life, means a city commute…no more car! What is your commute like?

I try to walk everywhere I go to get my bearings, discover new places and get some incidental exercise.  

I take my Noho Bag with me everywhere!  I work remotely for an Australian based Marketing Agency, so my office is my dining room and cafes.  I like to mix it up and not spend too much time in the apartment, so I pack everything I need in the morning and head to one of my favorites for breakfast and the morning.

Because I walk everywhere I go, the Noho pouch is great for evenings.  I can just take my credit card, keys and lip gloss and walk to dinner/drinks/to an evening walk along the Canal.  

Soooo –  How is it being a single girl in London? Any dating stories to share?

I’ve been taken on some very lovely dates, I’ve been serenaded (which wasn’t as awkward as I expected).  They aren’t all gentlemen though, I did wake up to an unsolicited D-picture this morning. Block!  

Being single in London is so different.  Men here pursue you, they date you.  They even assemble furniture for you. Yes, on a first date I got dinner AND manual labor!


(Sheena ACTUALLY looking at Bumble during the shoot.)

Haha – brilliant! What are your thoughts on the ever-growing number of dating apps? Any hacks?

Raya, Bumble, Repeat.  

If there’s no pics showing teeth, swipe left.

If he looks short, he probably is. Don’t invest too much time talking to him before asking the height question if it’s important to you. 

Photos are one dimensional and they’ve chosen the top four they have.  Ask for their insta and do a bit of a stalk before committing to a date.  You can tell a lot about someone from their Instagram!  

There’s nothing quite like good banter.  Never start a conversation with ‘Hey, how are you?’ – you can do better than that.  

And on that note…stay tuned the Speed Dating session we had with Sheena…


Sheena wears the Noho Bag in Neoprene.

noho bag neoprene