Hey City Girls, we hope you’ve had a great summer, how is it nearly the end already!? Sarah, our Founder often gets asked for suggestions of podcasts to listen to so, with the last Summer long weekend coming up, we felt like it was a good time to share her library with you as a Beginners Guide to Podcasts.

Podcasts are a great way to get smart, inspired or even happier, on the go — get the hustle, on the hustle, you know? Sarah listens to hers at the gym, getting groceries, getting ready in the morning and mostly – on the train. An effective and productive way to drown out the subway sounds…

Naturally, her library includes a heavy rotation of business-related series, founder interviews, marketing, technology trends…but she also loves to use her podcasts as an escapism occasionally, with story telling by The Moth, or health and wellness with Goop.

If you have any you’d like to share with the OVERT community, DM us on IG, or share a comment below the post!!

Happy listening.


You’ll need to download an app to start building your library and listening to podcasts. Sarah uses overcast, a strong option for IOS users. It’s completely free and gives you to access thousands of podcasts, plus a good tool for building playlists. Just download the app, and start searching the directory and adding subscriptions.  

sarah saxty podcast overt nycOther tips for Overcast:

– Explore different podcasts on your own with overcasts’ curated category lists
– Get more into your New York minute and speed it up, outcast has speed variations to make the episode go even faster during your 15:30 train ride.
– Personalize your theme display design, from light, dark, or black (guess what ours is) and other settings like notifications, autoplay and play next settings etc.
– 30 second fast forward and rewinds are great for skipping the ads, or going back to listen to something you missed when your mind drifted…guilty.


Don’t have an iPhone? There are tons of other apps out there that are compatible with both Androids and IOS products.

Here’s a link to TIME’s top 5 podcast apps.


Having a “go-to” list of the episodes you’ve been waiting to listen to, saves scrolling through the full episode lists for each subscription you have. If you want to get serious about it, you could create categorized playlists (on the to-do list)

Extra Tip: Before you head down the subway stairs, make sure you download your episode so that it gets you through the ride uninterrupted.

OK, so here it is, categorized (duh) including Sarah’s favorite eps so far, and suggestions of where/when you might like to listen to it.


Business + Tech //

how I built this overt beginners podcast guide

How I Built This
Who: Guy Raz
Why: Probably one of the better-known podcasts, but for those that haven’t had the pleasure yet – Guy’s smooth voice is just a pleasure to listen to, as he interviews the most innovative and successful creators – each giving an insight on their journey from childhood to CEO.
When: This is a great morning listen, we recommend the gym or the subway
Fave Episode So Far: Wholefoods, John Mackey. Do you know how your favorite grocery store started?? In 1978, by one guy with a goal to sell better foods, in a better way.

loose threads overt beginners guide to podcasts

Loose Threads
Who: Richie Siegel
Why: In-depth conversations with the founders and leaders of the brands in the “new consumer” economy.
When: Anytime! Good for education, inspiration, and motivation.
Fave Episode So Far: Tony King of King and Partners. A really interesting and inspiring story with Tony, the founder of his own creative and technology agency, who started helping brands embrace E-Commerce way before it’s peak, like, literally built Gucci’s first online store.

glossy overt beginners guide to podcasts

Who: Hilary Milnes
Why: Interviews with startup brands and businesses with a focus on how technology impacts their journey. (mostly fashion and lifestyle brands)
When: To get motivated and educated by other founders and new technologies.
Fave Episode So Far: Designer, Claire Vivier – speaking about building her brand before “direct to consumer” was a thing – without funding, as a sustainable and profitable business with a great product. Flying the no funding flag – Go Claire!!

joanne wilson positively gotham gal overt beginners guide to podcasts

Positively Gotham Gal

Who: Joanne Wilson
Why: Joanne is an angel investor, and a woman you want to know (or at least I do!) She speaks with female founders and leaders about their journey and asks all the right questions to make you feel like you learned something.
When: Business educations, motivation, and inspiration.
Fave Episode So Far: Loren Brill, Founder of Sweet Lorens, a “good for you” bake at home, cookie dough company founded on the promise of irresistible taste and natural, ingredients. Beating cancer at a young age, Loren made it her mission to eliminate processed foods from her diet and live life to the fullest. I loved her attitude so much, (and hot fresh cookies) I bought the dough, YUM, and suggested it be stocked at my local grocery store, and they bought it too. 

The Mentor Files

Who: Monica Royer
Why: Monica is Andy Dunn, Bonobos Founder’s sister, and comes at her podcast angled as a founder herself, sharing the interesting “mentor” type of conversations she has with industry leaders and people she admires in the fashion, e-commerce and entrepreneurial landscape.
When: Mentorship for your ears, with leaders you probably can’t get access to. Thanks for sharing yours with us, Monica.
Fave Episode So Far: Ariel Kaye – The (solo) Founder of Parachute Home. Ariel is KILLING IT, as a female, solo founder, I loved hearing her journey and “whatever it takes” attitude from concept to launch. Plus, I love Parachute.

Other Business Podcasts in Sarah’s Library:

Fashion Is Your Business | 33 Voices | Project Entrepreneur | Digiday Making Marketing | Girlboss Radio | TED Talks Daily | 33 Voices | Forbes Under 30 | DigiDay


Mind Body Green

Who: Jason Wachob
Why: Interviews with founders in the health and wellness space, tips for better living, and mindfulness.
When: Anytime!
Fave Episode So Far: I’ve just subscribed to this one, and I’ve just finished listening to the founders of Sweetgreen talking about connecting communities and what “Passion with a Purpose Means” which I really loved. And now I’m hungry.



Who: Gwyneth Paltrow + CCO Elise Loehnen
Why: GP. No, but really – it’s Goop content for your ears! The women interview thinkers, changers and disruptors in health, creative and mindful industries.
When: When you feel like escaping the grime and grit of NY.
Fave Episode So Far: GP and SJP, at home in the Hamptons. I loved how they chatted like friends would if they weren’t being listened to by millions of fans.

Other Nutrition and Wellness Podcasts in Sarah’s Library:

The Real Food Reel | Beauty Inside Out


Good is the New Cool

Who: Michaella Solar-March for Soho House
Why: Get to know some of the thoughtful leaders making an impact and driving the force of change.
When: To feel positive, and to learn more about “doing good”.
Fave Episode So Far: Poppy Jamie, founder of the mindfulness app “Happy Not Perfect”, I liked her realist views of how “effed” up we all are because of technology, but how we can use it to get better.

Michaella Solar-March overt beginners guide to podcasts

The Daily

Who: New York Times
Why: Another one that I think is pretty well known, but if you haven’t had a chance yet, add it to your list and stay informed with a 30 min deep dive into the latest top news stories, and political developments.
When: Another morning subway ride must-do, or lunch break session. Be in the know at the water cooler today.


The Moth

Who: Random people, guests of the Moth

Why: As seen on Girls, remember the episode where Hannah went and read her story to a room of strangers in a Housing Works? That was a Moth reading. This podcast features thousands of storytellers from all over the US, reading.

When: When you feel like watching TV, but you have to do stuff. Listen to other people’s true stories, it’s like a documentary or a movie for your ears.

Here’s The Thing

Who: Alec Baldwin

Why: I’m an Alec fan, I could listen to his voice for hours on end and not even listen to the podcast! That aside, Alec interviews some really interesting New York characters, from theatre stars from the 50’s to Sarah Jessica Parker.

When: When you’re in the mood for storytelling time.

Fave Episode So Far: Sarah Jessica Parker!

Other Entertainment Podcasts in Sarah’s Library:

Little Known Facts | Oh Boy by Man Repeller


Ready to become a podcast kinda girl? Awesome! We love our chats with you so feel free to let us know what you think about these podcasts. Have a listen, and then leave a comment below, and don’t forget to share any of your own favorites!


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