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So summer is over (sort of) and we’re about to enter the season of indulgence. The turkey, the stuffing, pumpkin pie… Not to mention the mulled wine, apple cider and donuts. Fall isn’t exactly friendly on the butt!  

As the days become shorter and temperatures begin to plummet, it’s kinda easier to stay on the couch surfing Netflix, than it is to rethink our health regime.

We were craving some motivation, so met up with three of our fave Active Girls to get geared up threefold and discover what gets them moving in the city, among other things.  


Who + Where + How long //


Tiffani Robbins Hendin. Personal trainer and group fitness instructor at Bari Studio. I grew up in Ohio. Lived in NYC off and on for 7+ years

Hey there!  My name is Emily Stillings and I am currently a fitness professional and performer in NYC.  I am originally from Columbus, Ohio and made the big move 5 years ago. My days consist of teaching fitness at the fabulous AKT In Motion, taking dance classes around the city, auditioning for performance jobs, getting coffee with friends, snuggling up at home and watching This Is Us.

Breanna (BB) Arrington. I am an actor, singer, movement specialist, plant lady. My days are always a mixture of the many things I do- auditions, private clients, teaching at SLT NYC, voice lessons, and fine tuning my craft. I’m originally from the ‘burbs of Los Angeles but moved to New York for school and never looked back!


Your day //

T // Wake up (mad at my alarm) Check my phone mindlessly. Throw workout clothes on and get ready while my husband makes my coffee (he’s the best). Grab my bag, coffee, breakfast, phone, keys, kiss my husband and head to the train. Head into the city for my morning clients and classes!

E // My day to day changes every day which makes it really exciting and stressful.  The first thing I do when I wake up is eat my breakfast while I read the news.  My breakfast usually consists of oatmeal, coffee, and greek yogurt.  I then get ready for whatever I have on the agenda that day whether it be an audition, a photoshoot, or a dance class.  I then go over what classes I am teaching that day at AKT.  I pack a giant bag and head out into the city to take on the day.  When I get home, I like to relax and watch a show before going to bed.

B // No day is the same for me. As an actor, my manager might alert me of an audition or call back with less than 24hours notice- sometimes with as little as 3 hours notice due to the nature of how the business works. So I tend to make hard commitments on the pole ends of the day- like training my clients or teaching at SLT. I always wake up at 6am, no matter what my day looks like. Mornings are when I’m most alive. I can tackle the things that need brainpower/ energy in the AM or the things I want to do least then. If I don’t have to be out the door, I try and make the hubby breakfast and send him off (he is NOT a morning person). Otherwise, I’m out the door for a 7AM-ish sweat; SLT or SoulCycle. The middle of the days is reserved for lesson, rehearsing, studying, auditioning, errands.  I teach at night (and on the weekends) so you can usually find me downtown at one of SLT’s studios.  If I have a bit of extra energy, I mayyyyy be social after. Usually in bed by midnight.



Being a City Girl // 

T // City living has made me more self-sufficient. As well as more thankful for nature when I am able to enjoy it!

E // Being from Ohio, I did not have nearly as many opportunities for dance or fitness.  The city has allowed me to explore both passions equally.  I now am a professional fitness instructor at a top fitness studio, I have performed on Broadway, I have danced on many TV shows, and have danced behind some incredible artists and celebrities.

B // The pace pushes you! Depending on how you see it, the buzz of the city is either headwind or tailwind. See it as a tailwind and every day can be an adventure. Because we all walk so much here, I feel you are more likely to make connections with other city dwellers. From an old friend, you haven’t seen since graduation, to a random encounter with a stranger that turns into a connection. If you’re open to receiving, the city has a lot to offer by just being.


Apartment Game //

T // I live in Bedstuy, Brooklyn with my husband, Carl. We have lived in this apartment for 1 year and are loving Brooklyn.

E // I currently just moved this summer to a new apartment with my roomie Casie.  After a stressful couple of months of searching, we found a cute new apartment in Hell’s Kitchen.  Casie is the interior designer and she has decorated our apartment beautifully in gray and blue tones.  I love coming home after work; it is just so cozy!

B // I live in Central Harlem- only for about 6 months now. The neighborhood is so eclectic. History, music, food, and even Whole Foods! I found my apartment online… or maybe it was an app, I don’t remember. It looked amazing online, had all our musts and desires, and was close to our target location. I was heading out of town for 6 weeks and getting married in 8, so apartment hunting was not something I was excited about at the time.  I remember walking into the space and thinking “I’LL TAKE IT!” before I even did a full spin in the space!  Austin (hubby) and I l like our home to be a tranquil environment, so our space is very warm, in earth hues and greys, and LOTS of plants, always adding more plants… when it comes to plants, more is better in our option.


I love my hood // 


T // We have our car (hello, street parking) which has been game-changing for the past year. It’s much quieter than Manhattan and we live on a tree-lined street across from a small park and elementary school.

E // I love this neighborhood because it is so young and close to everything.  We have awesome restaurants only blocks away. In Hell’s Kitchen, my favorite coffee shop is Kahve, my favorite happy hour is at the gorgeous Sky Terrace at Hudson Common, and my favorite brunch would have to be at Vynl.

B // It has a very chill vibe. There are many community-oriented events, farmers market on Fridays, the Schomburg Center. For coffee I love, Morningside coffee— they also have this breakfast sandwiches that are bananas! My friend calls it “the dangerous place” because they’re huge and delicious!  There are lovely little restaurants and I’m 2 street blocks from the train!



Staying motivated during the Holiday season //

T // Enjoy your fav holiday treat, but keep it as that- a treat. Not something you have every day. And when you treat yourself, choose one special item, you don’t have to have them all at once.

Also, enjoy cuddling on the couch with Netflix, but make sure you are still active at some point every day. The days are shorter, meaning that normal 7p class or gym sesh might be harder to make happen because it’s dark and cold and feels like snuggle time. So I try to get my workout in earlier on in the day.

E // I absolutely think it is okay to indulge this time of year.  That being said, I don’t think it is a bad idea just to keep track of your indulgences.  Having an awareness is key and letting go of guilt is essential.  Drink your water and make sure to only indulge in moderation and then move on.  Continue in your healthy lifestyle 80% of the week and you will be great!

B // Write down your goals and make sure they are very visible! Make it a game. For example, I have a chart in my planner, marked for strength training, cardio, and stretch oriented movement. The chart is on the same page as the week I’m on and has little bubbles I get to cross off with the completion of each workout. The goal is that when I tuck into bed Sunday evening, every bubble has a slash through it.  I can just turn back the pages to see if I’ve been meeting my target each week. If I’m falling short, time to assess why that is. When it comes to the holidays, make sure you don’t forget to be good to yourself. Workouts are meditative, medicinal, or motivating- with the high stress of the holidays, this is when you need it most. When it comes to food, remember that your worth as a person is irrelevant to the food you did or did not consume. If you have a hard time balancing or planning, just make sure your nourish yourself before you consume less nutrient dense food.



Tricks/hacks to revitalize your body and mind after a long week //

E // The thing I love about the city is how you can essentially walk everywhere.  I will always choose to walk for an hour rather than take a 20-minute subway ride if time permits.  Getting outside is so important to revitalize at the end of the week.  When the weather changes, this becomes harder.  I would suggest investing in a restorative yoga class to really center yourself by the end of the week.  You will absolutely feel revitalized and relaxed.

B // I love my Saje diffuser and love love candles (scented and non). Find the zen in your home. Open and window, let the cold air bite through the warmth of the furnace every now and again. Bundle up and go for a walk to clear your head or to work through an idea. Put some over the ear headphones to act as double duty, music and ear warmth, or now music at all and talk through an idea– strangers on the street will just assume you have your phone in your pocket and you’re on a call.


Being active women in style //

T // My style (especially in the colder months) is all about comfort and function. I spend most of my days in activewear and nights in sweatpants. And big, comfy sweaters are my favorite. My most worn activewear brands are Lululemon and RYU Apparel

E // My friends make fun of me because they never see me in “real” clothes.  I absolutely live in athleisure wear.  You will most likely see me in Under Armour shorts, Asics shoes and anything Adidas.

B // If I have auditions, I’ll be costume changing, otherwise you’ll find me in some sort of studio to streetwear. When it comes to activewear, I love Adidas, The Upside, Nike, and some random men’s black T that I’ve turned into a crop top.


Staying put in in NYC //

T // My husband and I plan to move out of the city eventually, to “settle down” and start a family. We both moved here originally for musical theater and were able to fulfill that dream for many years. We have now transitioned into other careers and are thankful for the opportunities NYC has given us. When we move we plan to go somewhere south- near a big city so we have access to city life but where we can live in a more suburban area… with a house and a yard!

E // I am definitely not ready to leave the city anytime soon.  Although I have been here for 5 years, I feel like I have just scratched the surface.  The bountiful amount of opportunities keeps me here and I love that everyone is working towards something.  I enjoy the hustle and fast-paced life.  I cannot imagine myself not having access to a big city so if I moved from the city, it would have to be near a big city whether that is NYC, Chicago, or Los Angeles.

B // I thought I was Philly bound… but recently, I think NYC may be where I drop my anchor…

And finally. When you have that “I love NYC” moment //

T // When I am traveling between clients and realize that I am making a living in fitness in one of the biggest and most exciting cities in the world.

E // When I take my morning walk to work, dance, etc, I always had that “I love NYC” moment.  Every time.

B // The magic hour . Or strolling across the party with my girl Constanza post SoulCycle from the east side to west side.


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