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Photography by Aline Velter.

Cute as a button and sharp as a knife, meet Christina Tung.

As City Girl culture has it, we first met Christina in 2015 through OVERT babe Marissa Smith. Her nature is calm and settling and she has an inspiring air of grace and creativity both in mindset and style. A believer in collaboration and being “overt” we bonded instantly with an aligned approach to being a woman in business, and particularly in fashion.

Christina left her corporate fashion role in 2014, knowing that there was something else out there for her, and with the encouragement and support of her friends and professional network she trusted her instincts and let the universe guide her. In 2015 she started her own PR and Creative agency, House Of.

One of the things we love about Chistina is that she is a realist about the challenges having your own business truly has. (Even during the shoot she was encumbered by an Uber Rush package collection debacle!) In an effort to pay it forward and in collaboration with other creatives and independents in her community she has started to run workshops that help emerging designers and brands navigate their way into the market and make their mark in a unique and impactful way.

Get to know, Christina.

Lives //
“I’ve lived in Bed Stuy for almost 4 years now. It’s the east side so some people call it Stuyvesant Heights.” (In her very own duplex brownstone, including a basement garden apartment that apparently we just missed out on renting, shout out to the lucky new tenant)

The Creative Mindset //
“I’ve always been creative with art, fashion,problem-solving, but overwhelmed by the technical part of design, so I pursued the business side. I’m more of a people person, anyway. I value genuine connections and people tell me all the time that fashion is not the industry for that, but I think it’s all in how you approach a situation. I can usually find some common ground to get to a place of authenticity.”

overt nyc christina tung noho bag

City Girl Life //
“I grew up outside of Boston, in a town called Carlisle with a population of 4000 so I still never think of myself as a city girl even though I have been here for 12 years. What I’ve noticed the most about my evolution as opposed to some friends who stayed in the suburbs, is that I’m always prepared to go anywhere and do anything. It’s part multi-tasking and partly just being prepared. ”

“In the summertime, I wear a bikini under my clothes, just in case someone invites me to the beach, while I’m at brunch. It happens more than you think. “

City V Brooklyn //

“Manhattan has so much going on that I used to just leave my apartment and wander around with no real agenda. Where I live in BK, I don’t really do that because I could be walking for a long time just in residential streets.”

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“There’s so much more space – My apartment is twice as big and I have a deck and a backyard. In the summertime, we’ll project movies on the fence and picnic and get bitten by mosquitoes.”

christina tung overt brooklyn brownstone style












overt nyc christina tung

Style @ Home //

I’ve only recently started paying attention to interiors and furniture so I’m a total newbie. I have friends who work in architecture and interior design, so they’ve been great guides in what kinds of pieces to invest in. I love Home Union, Adaptations, and Porter James – they’re all vintage furniture stores with unique perspectives and special pieces.”


The Local Agenda //
Start with brunch at Saraghina – I love the Francese salad- Bibb lettuce, a poached egg, guanciale and some kind of delicious citrus dressing.

There are a couple cool thrift spots around there that may not even have names…just kidding, they do:

I Love Meat Market

Indigo Vintage Style

Brooklyn Swank

Walk towards Sincerely Tommy and stop by some open houses on the way. Bed-Stuy real estate has been super active the last few years so you can always find a few open houses to stop in.
At Sincerely Tommy, you can shop, get a coffee or pastry or just chill at their dining/work table.

Keep walking toward Bedford and walk down to the City Acupuncture spot and get acupuncture and massage. This is such a treat. They are really knowledgeable and talented.

Collaboration //

Sincerely, Tommy is truly a community gem, the founder, Kai, set up a coffee counter which doubles as an alternative workspace. That’s actually how we met- before I had my office I would bike over to the store and work from there regularly.”

“Now, we co-host a monthly event called Sanctuary, which is a safe space for women to meet and discuss topics of struggle. We’ve covered dealing with trauma, listening to your body, exploring emotions. It’s a great way to socialize in a quiet healthy way.”


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“One thing I want to work on is being more diligent with my boundaries, personally and professionally. My nature is to say yes to everything, but it doesn’t always make sense. Everything gets compromised when you over commit.”



“Mom, obviously! As a dentist, she started a handful of really successful offices and inspires employee and patient loyalty. They love her! She’s thoughtful and generous but fair and savvy, personally and professionally. She’s always been and will always be my #1 inspiration.”





overt nyc noho bag christina tung subway style

overt nyc noho bag christina tung

A Day In The Life Of… //

“I take the J train to work. It’s lovely because it’s above ground and I can still get some emails done on the train if I need to. My hours are 10-6pm but I have what I call “inertia issues” where I find it really hard to leave wherever I am. Currently, I’m solo at my office, aside from my rotating team of interns.”







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The Business//

“I own and run a fashion PR agency called House Of. I work with stylists and editors to place my clients in magazines and on celebrities. It’s hugely demanding but also hugely rewarding because I love being involved in all aspects of the business and PR touches on design, sales, branding, visuals, everything. I started styling, design consulting, producing and concepting shoots. I love the flexibility my position offers – No limits!”


“I named my company House Of for a few reasons. Most PR companies are named after the principals of the company, but I really didn’t want it to be about me. I wanted the name to reflect that it’s incomplete without the clients. House Of gives designers a larger presence.”

overt nyc christina tung

House Of entrance

overt nyc christina tung


“I have a very close working relationship with my designers and am happy to have them all under one roof, like a family and I felt House Of, as a name conveyed all those ideas. ”



Designers to put on the Radar//

Dama, based out of Miami has a cool east coast vibe- I’m always excited to see what she comes up with every season.
Kelsey Randall just launched her bridal and made to measure business. It’s modern-day couture- an old-school approach to dressing that is such a lost art. I’m so proud of her that she’s keeping it alive.
PH5 knitwear made me realize what high quality felt like in an everyday item. It actually helped me purge my closet of old sweaters. (Christina wears PH5 Jeans + Knit – we are officially OBSESSED)


christina tung overt nyc

At House Of Studio + HQ , Canal/Broadway

Follow Her + her killer IG account full of self-styled and crush-worthy editorials @houseof.nyc 

Want to know more about the workshops? Reach out to Christina directly (email in IG bio)

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+ stay tuned for our Speed Date with Christina.