Street Style Day 5 - MFW F/W 2013


When someone says 15 years ago, I think the ’90’s, not 2001. I think stretch choker necklaces, butterfly hair clips and the “Rachel” haircut. Our idols and “influencers” were the singers and popstars gracing the screens of our favourite music video shows. Avril Lavigne sung of her Skater Boi with her thickly drawn eye liner – complete with the unforgettable white singlet and loosely hung guys tie. And then, like clockwork, it filtered down to every millennial girl’s desire to look less like ‘Britney’, more skater girl.

Fast forward 15 years and the world is a very different place – your phone is an extension of hand and if the pattern of evolution has anything to show us, we will be developing an extra thumb in the next 10 years to accommodate the need to tag, post and text 1000 times a day.

Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter ( sorry Facebook – the baby boomers have jumped on board and its taken your street cred away ) have opened our daily lives to bloggers and social media personalities that have impacted not only how we dress, but where we eat, music to listen to, where we work-out and even what countries we want to visit.


It all started with the street style photographer capturing ‘IT’ Girl’s in their equally envy inducing natural habitat – walking the streets of Paris, New York, London – in a perfectly curated outfit that just screamed “Oh this perfectly layered outfit complete with eye catching accessories? – I just threw this together “.  Nonetheless we aspired to encompass this unconscious sense of style and thus begun the rise of  “THE INFLUENCERS”.

Our Instagram accounts are curated to follow people that inspire us and who we aspire to – but they no longer purely affect our clothing purchases. These influencers we choose to follow have filtered into our own everyday lifestyle choices. So as you fight off the urge on Sunday to visit that super cute cafe in Williamsburg you saw someone post, that you know will have a line 10 miles long with other like minded New Yorkers – instead perhaps take time to listen to that playlist that creative director shared? Better yet, have you heard of that new rowing machine workout in Tribeca – themed on Friday Nights for all those Beliebers out there!

Our own influencer  OVERT’s city girl Lauren Gould of @themarcystop caters to our visual inspiration fix with stunning photos of her daily life around her native Brooklyn and of her adventures abroad.

These are the Top 3 posts that have inspired us from The Marcy Stop.