Wear Lively OVERTWHO: Ali & Michelle

WHAT: Lively 

WHERE: Midtown/ Bryant Park

IG: @Wearlively

Move over Victoria Secret, because the movement of real lingerie for real women is about to sweep the city – and your underwear drawer. Introducing this week’s City Girl duo, CEO of Lively, Michelle Grant & Director of Marketing, Ali Alquiza.

We got to hang out with 2 of our fave babes behind the brand that is changing the lingerie business, Lively, at their office (major workplace envy) in midtown to talk all things underwear, community and business. “LIVELY is not just about the products it offers, it is about a mindset we want to share with women around the world. Designed for women by women”

What better way to get to know the brand than from the power women behind it! See what the movement of #livinglively is all about and the girls’ newest campaign bringing light to the power we have as women in pairs. OVERT Co-Founders Sarah and Lauren were thrilled to partner with Lively earlier this year as the first Power Pair and help launch the campaign. More on this and the Lively girls below…

Lively Headquarters: Midtown (where the magic happens).

Tell us about your background before LIVELY?

MG: I studied and thought that I wanted a career in finance, but quickly realized that wasn’t the route for me. I began my career at Federated Merchandising Group, creating brands and product for one of the largest retailers in the world, and instantly fell in love with the entire process from concept to customer. I realized that my passion was in supporting, creating and developing amazing brands and products.

I spent the tenure of my career with the leaders in retail- Federated, VF Corporation and Limited Brands. By working for top retailers, traveling the globe to meet world class manufacturers and spending a couple years with an incredible startup, I learned the importance of creating a strong brand affinity, crafting a quality product and building a dynamic team.

While working with Victoria’s Secret, I saw that this $13B lingerie category, in the US alone, was dominated by this one brand, with one point of view. I was inspired to create a completely new experience for the category, and so LIVELY was born.

Wear Lively OVERT

AA: Before I joined LIVELY as the Director of Marketing, I was working on brand strategy and product development for retailers like Sephora, Bergdorf Goodman, and Tory Burch. I worked with them to put strategy and design behind lifestyle accessories that worked for their brand and customers. It allowed me to travel around the world on the sourcing and development of the products we would create together. This helped shape what I’ve been able to bring to LIVELY, which is a deep understanding of the importance of brand community and what is authentic to each brand’s DNA.

Wear Lively OVERT

Finish the following sentences:

I feel sexiest when…
MG: It is Saturday morning, and I have no makeup, just PJ’s, coffee and my family, or after a kickass workout!

My beauty routine consists of…
AA: At the moment, trying all of the Korean beauty products on sites like Soko Glam! I’ve been so much better about checking off all the boxes (cleanser, toner, essence, serum, moisturizer) post-30.

I think social media is…
MG: Fascinating. changing the world, and creating so much opportunity for everyone out there.
AA: Amazing. I love how it gives everyone access to create their own opportunities and own their voice and POV.

Starting my own business was…
MG: The most thrilling and terrifying experience.

Wear Lively OVERT

What sparked the idea and concept for power pair?

MG: The idea that women do need to feel that they need to tackle their goals on their own.  There is so much power in numbers and leveraging your family, friends and network to accomplish your goals is what we believe makes it all achievable!

AA: There is so much amazing energy, drive, and creativity that happens when women support and empower each other. I wanted to highlight that power comes in pairs and that together is how the magic happens.


Wear Lively OVERTWhat does a day at Lively look like? Talk us briefly through a day in the office.

MG: Every day is different, and that is why I love it! I always start with grounding on our customers, how they are reacting to our messaging, marketing and product via reporting and sales.  Then we start our hustle!  There is always more things to get done in a day than is close to achievable so once I ground myself on business, I prioritize the day make sure the team is loving life and go from there!

How did you notice there was a niche in the market for lively? Tell us about your background before creating lively? 

MG: After spending years in the industry I felt there was something missing from the lingerie category… a brand that delivered on what it means to be sexy today… smart, healthy, active, confident and outgoing.  I saw a void in the market for bras and undies that delivered on an aesthetic inspired by authenticity and “real life”, and really found that you could not find a brand that delivered on HIGH STYLE and ULTIMATE COMFORT in one place. A brand that was built by women for women.  I wanted something that I could live in for 14 hours day, and not compromise on style or comfort.  I no longer wanted to choose.

Above all, I wanted to create a brand that would enable, empower, and remind women about what life is really about!  Spending your life doing what you love, with the people you love.

Byrant Park Brainstorms.

What advice would you offer to empower other women in business? 

AA: I think taking on newness can be scary, but is so incredibly rewarding. I read something somewhere that stuck with me: “You’ve got to be a beginner before you can be anything else” and to me, that mindset gives us all license to try new things, explore interests and strengths, and not be afraid to fail!

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