WHO: Jen Guberek

WHAT: Fashion Sales – Senior Account Manager

WHERE: Belsize Park, London

IG: @Gubes

This week’s City Girl has called London home for 3 and a half years now – Introducing, Jen Guberek. The Aussie native (yep another Aussie in the U.K) moved over with her boyfriend (now husband!) to set up camp before landing a job working with one of the most reputable fashion consultants in the UK, Yasmin Sewell. After working alongside Yasmin, Jen transitioned in the world of wholesale. She now represents talented designers from across the globe. Traveling to Paris at least 4 times a year, Jen could nearly call the City of Love, her home away from home. I know what you’re all thinking, she sounds like she is living the dream!

What were the last 3 cities you visited?
Paris, Berlin and Sorrento. We like to get around.

London is super spread out. How do you commute? And how do you spend that time?
I LOVE the tube. It divides the people but I think it’s the greatest system. There is always a way to get anywhere, even if it does take hours. Plus I’m a Candy Crush addict so my time is always well spent.


Where do you live? Can you describe your neighbourhood to us and why you chose it?

We live in a little bit of heaven that is Belsize Park. Hampstead Heath is my backyard and it’s bliss – it’s the only place where I feel comfortably alone in such a big city and it really offers an escape from the nonstop action and tourist traps. We go for walks and rides most weekends. We are so close to Central London in Belsize and around the corner from Camden, Hampstead and Primrose Hill, so it’s such an easy spot to be. Well connected to transport and safe which are my most important criteria. North is where it’s at – North of the wall as we like to call it.

So… you are married to your high school sweetheart. (nawwww) Do you think your life in the city would be different if you were single? How?
Definitely.  All big cities can be tough to find friends, and I’m sure true love. I’m so grateful for this adventure together. Plus I’d be deported without him.

overt-london-7261You just got back from Paris fashion week, working back to back showroom appointments. You must have seen some super cool girls. What was the best outfit on ground?
One of my favourite buyers came in head to toe Balenciaga sparkles. She is amazing. My pyjamas at the end of the day also looked super cool I must say. Bang on trend.

You’re surrounded by style, working with some of the best brands in the business. Do UK designers share a common thread?
UK designers are actually really diverse. From JW Anderson, Christopher Kane and Preen, to Stella McCartney and Victoria Beckham, there will always be something for everyone. The talent of the young designers is what is really special and there are so many incredible students that come through Central Saint Martins. There is a freedom and creativity in the UK and there is no sign of it slowing down. London importantly supports the notion that you can do, be and wear whatever you want without judgement.

What’s one item of clothing or an accessory you can’t live without in the city?
My phone to use Citymapper. Otherwise, I would be always lost. Inside my OVERT pouch of course

Applying red lipstick is a fine art and you do it effortlessly. For a busy girl continuously on the go, don’t you ever just want to grab a Chapstick?!
Moisture is important and some days are lip free. But fancy French chapstick goes under the red. With a clear lip liner you can never go wrong. I have 16 shades of red currently on rotation – some people think they all look the same…

What does OVERT mean to you?
It’s a practical way to look good.  Who doesn’t love that concept?!


Stay tuned for Speed Dating with Jen later this week on the site…