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There is no beating around the all-organic + natural bush – clean living is a thing, and so it should be – isn’t it time New York got a little more “natural”?

The curiosity to truly understand ingredients that go into the products we use daily (foods, skincare, beauty, home goods, clothes) and their source is at an all-time high, which is why we should be feeling pretty relieved there are some talented people (like our next City Girl!) that have been working on developing truly natural skincare products way before it was a trend.

For our latest City Girl hangout, we caught up with the founder + creator of Palermo Body, “that” skincare line you’ve been seeing around – from the Goop Annual Detox Guide to ABC Home, Well + Good and more – #hustler. The best thing about Palermo Body is that it’s “real”. Jessica gets that going entirely natural is an honest challenge – especially in a city like New York. But her message isn’t to completely empty your bathroom cabinet and rehaul your life, her focus is to use real ingredients, to create products that have real purpose and most importantly – are realistic. Palermo Body products fit seamlessly into your daily routine to help start new “clean” habits for a busy city life, so seamlessly, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start sooner.

Wake up + smell the rosehip. Say Hello, to our latest City Girl, Jessica.

I’m a creative entrepreneur living in Brooklyn, NY who is obsessed with food. I love learning and I have a knack for remembering things so I have lots of “fun facts” I love to share. I feel like a know a little bit about a lot of stuff and am always trying to learn more. I feel education is the key to bettering yourself and having empathy for others so I am forever on a journey to learn the ways I can be a better version of myself. Family and friends hold a very important place in my life and I am fiercely loyal.

I love cities and will likely call them home for the majority of my life. I hope to reach a point where I can make time to escape whenever needed but city living is what I love. I go from work to play without missing a beat and want to make sure I have time for it all.

New York keeps me going and I need that at this stage of my life. There is such a high concentration of creative people in the same are in New York which makes staying motivated and inspired much, dare I say easier.

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Founder + Creator, Palermo Body
My goal with Palermo Body is to create a collection of products that are consciously formulated with purpose. Every ingredient is specifically selected because of its benefits for your skin. This purist approach combined with minimalistic packaging design results in beautiful products that are extremely effective and enjoyable to use.

I didn’t really realize it until I began making and selling skincare although I’ve always had a passion for business. Before starting my Palermo, I was making and selling handcrafted stationery. I fell in love with soap making and it suddenly made sense that soap making was scalable in a way that making stationary wasn’t in the way I was doing it and so I began pursuing my skincare business.



Time and relationships. My friends and family couldn’t be more supportive and truly understand how much I’ve sacrificed but I’m looking forward to creating more balance in my life.

I get to be the one who has control of my future, how hard I work how fast we grow, that is the biggest win in starting my own business. Having to only answer to myself.


My process when creating our products is first to determine the purpose I want to product to serve. Then I spend time researching the best possible natural ingredients to serve that purpose. Our products are luxurious and beautiful, but at the core, they are meant to help your skin to be healthy and feel great. I source our ingredients from all over the world from suppliers I trust.


Lately, I wish I had more time for new product development but it’s on the horizon. I focused on growing awareness about the brand and pursuing new business in 2017, which was wonderful but I would like to now begin focusing my attention on introducing some new products in 2018. I need help with maintaining the day to day operations and production in order to allow myself the space to create. This is why I’ve decided to bring on a new manager to our team in order to help with this.

Honestly, I think natural is the new normal. Consumers have made their voices clear and many of them won’t stand for lack of clarity about their health. I think it’s fantastic. My goal with Palermo Body has been natural without exception all along and I’m glad it’s no longer novel.

I always encourage people to swap out one product at a time to prevent feeling paralyzed. As you finish something, search for the natural alternative. My transition to only natural products is still a journey, I’m not perfect. I will honestly say I JUST found a natural mascara I love as much as the MAC one I’d used for decades. (It’s made by W3LL People BTW.)

Aside from what I’ve learned about the potential dangers of using commercial products due to the presence of known toxins, I found it necessary to swap out more and more products after I noticed myself developing sensitivities to synthetic fragrance. I get sick to my stomach when I smell “fake fragrance” I can’t take it.


overt nyc brooklyn williamsburg palermo bodyFind natural brands/skincare retailers you trust.

Shen Beauty, Cap Beauty, Credo, Follain are great options.

● Know that not every product will work the same for everyone, you must test them.

We offer many of our products in trial size + don’t be scared to ask for a tester at any of the above stores.

It’s not, not working because it’s natural, it’s just not working for you. Try something else.

It’s okay to not be brand loyal, find the PRODUCTS that work for you.

Try not to get sticker shock. Please know you are investing in your health and wellness.

Yes, many natural products cost more (sometimes much more) than the ones you find at the drugstore.  Natural products are made with actual ingredients, not synthetics created in a lab so therefore they are more costly to make. Natural skincare shouldn’t be exclusive though, you can now find natural brands at Target or you can always mix up some of your own at home!


My Regenerative Facial Serum. My skin just soaks it up and there’s a noticeable difference when I don’t use it for a few days.

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I’m always on the go, carrying my whole life with me in my bag.

Before my Noho Bag, I carried a Longchamp bag and struggled to stay organized. It was a black hole that I constantly couldn’t find anything in.

With the Noho Bag, all of my most used necessities have their place. Like most city girls, I leave the house with everything I need for the day and I’m able to carry everything I need while still being stylish.


Most days start with a morning meditation, then breakfast and the gym. I have a 10 min walk to work. (the dream!!)

No two days are the same as a small business owner and much of the time I’m navigating the unexpected. I’ve made a habit to aim to leave at 6 pm so I can have my evening for cooking dinner, socializing or relaxing and recharging for the next day. It’s pretty routine and I LOVE routine. I see routine as a positive thing rather than being basic or boring. It builds consistency.

Butler, aside from being the best cafe around, is just a block away from the studio. It’s kind of my last stop en route to the studio, and moment of free time before I start my workday.

overt nyc palermo body brooklyn jessica morelli

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BUTLER // Go-To Order

Dirty Chai Latte – a chai tea with a shot of espresso. It tastes better than a red eye and gives you the same caffeine buzz.
Sausage Roll – They come out of the oven at 11 am and more often than not, I’m already in line.

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A perfect weekend in Williamsburg.

Friday night @ Walter Foods. I order a Paloma, the Wedge Salad, Garlic Shrimp, and Walter’s Burger. To share with a friend of course 😉

Saturday and Sunday I’ll usually workout then cook brunch before meeting friends. If I don’t cook, you’ll find me at Egg, Sweetwater Grill, or Rabbit Hole. I also love Depanneur sandwiches! We’re fortunate to have almost everything you need in Williamsburg so I’m a spoiled baby. We’ve got great bookstores, shopping, workout classes, grocery stores, and restaurants/bars.

On a good weekend, I never leave. Spring-Fall we have Smorgasburg two blocks from my apartment so it’s one of my favorite places to take friends from out of town. Otherwise, I love hosting, I’ll cook, we have board games and a lovely rooftop to lounge around on when the weather is nice. Mainly my weekends are focused around eating if you couldn’t tell.

Once, after many tequila cocktails, me and a friend went behind the DJ booth when he stepped away, to put on Beyonce since he wouldn’t put her on. Needless to say he was less than thrilled upon returning and we got thrown out of the club. Not good, but seriously, who doesn’t play Beyonce?!

I’ve lived in our apartment since June 2017. I get to walk to work which I can honestly say is one of my top goals in life. I love design, especially Danish design so when choosing items to bring into my home I am really conscious of how it fits into our existing style. One of my favorite pieces is a pastel pink turkish rug. It’s so beautiful and I’ve never seen one quite like it. I purchased it at the Brooklyn Flea at a price so fair I dare not say. I was the end of the day and the seller gave me a great deal. That’s truly the trick, go at the end of the day and pay cash.

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Later this week – Speed Dating with Jessica.