From LA to New York, our growing community of city girls constantly inspire our appetite for discovery! This especially extends to this week’s diary featuring our girl Jessica Kane, a self-proclaimed foodie and LA transplant, who for the past two and half years has been taking NYC by storm in more ways than one. This got us thinking about the idea of being a transplant and hailing from another state or country.

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New York City has been known to be a principal entry point for immigration to the United States. You know you have arrived when you witness the rush of the city, the stench of the boroughs and the buskers that line the streets. With 3.07 million of the population being foreign-born individuals, who make up 27% of the inhabitants, no one forgets their first day here. A recent poll showed over half of young Americans dream of moving to this place, but why would anyone want to live here?

Many of the arrivals reasons for leaving weren’t radically surprising but they were optimistic, heartening and endearingly dreamy. That’s the make up of a NY migrant, people who move here have a desire for adventure. This is a place where you don’t ever have to grow up. A place where you will find 80-year-olds walking the streets at 2am, bars filled with parents who want to maintain some semblance of a life and of course the majority that operate on the pleasure principle in a hedonistic manner, often indulging in $1 pizza.

Was it Joey’s love for pizza on friends or Carrie Bradshaw’s thirst for love that began to draw millions of people to NYC? For me personally it was those old quirky Adam Sandler movies. But unlike the film ‘Big Daddy’, you can’t babysit a kid all day, you must work and work hard. With a serious work hard play harder mentality, you don’t move to this place to do nothing. It’s just too expensive. Lying in bed for an entire day will cost you around $80 and who can afford to do that everyday? Pack your Noho bag and be prepared for a day that you could never imagine for months on end, until you wake up one day and it has been 5 years since you had landed. Welcome to New York City.

carrie bradshaw

We spoke to one of our OVERT city girls, to see what she thought of NYC.

Larissa May // Living Like Larz:

First impressions:

“Danggg this city is crazzyy, everyone walks 10000 miles per an hour, and you can literally get anything you want from your bed —coffee, snacks, glamsquad, YOU NAME IT. Everyone is a hustla’ & I’m going to get lost on this subway, #SOS”.


Do’s & Don’ts:

  • Always pretend like you know where you are going. In other words “fake it till you make it” or you’ll find yourself in some major trouble.
  • Take a walk down the Hudson River at sunset, without texting or looking at your phone. It’s a great time to press pause and reflect on the beautiful city.
  • Find your favorite local spots, and become a regular. You’ll definitely get the hook-up when the line is out the door :).
  • Find your #SQUAD, keep them close, and make time for them. It’s easy to get caught up in this crazy thing called “life.”
  • ALWAYS pack your Noho bag for every situation — it saves time, and you’ll never be unprepared.


To hear more about what it’s like as a New York transplant, check out our OVERT Girl Jessica Kane’s City Diary this week.