Raise the curtains for our new OVERT City Girl… Ruby Wall. This bad ass, inspiring actress comes from the land of Oz and has been killing it in NYC for just over 2 years. Outspoken, stylish and always jumping from cafe to cafe- Ruby embodies exactly what the OVERT City girl community represents. Ruby’s not giving a f*ck attitude, quirky tattoos,vibrant style and infectious smile makes her turn heads and stand out in the busy city streets.

In this instalment of the City Diaries we followed Ruby and her flowing Zimmermann dress through the streets of the city, stopping at 3 of her favorite iconic New York locations. We talked all things work, city living, food and of course – boys, as we twirled around and snapped photos in the Summer heat.

NYC ICONIC LOCATION- Williamsburg Pier

I come to this part of Brooklyn to remind myself of where I am in the world. Whenever I feel like I’m on autopilot and not feeling fully present, I just have to look at the Manhattan skyline and I am immediately grounded and inspired.


First of all we would just like to say congratulations on your recent graduation from Stella Adler school of acting! What inspired you to pursue acting and what were your initial reasons you were drawn to New York City. 

Thank you! I have always been in love with and fascinated by New York; but growing up in a country so far away made me think of this city as an unattainable dream.

I was drawn to performing quite young, initially singing, then musical theatre and then finally I started doing plays in college and from then I knew this was what I wanted to do. I dropped out of my arts degree at Melbourne University (3 and a half years in…sorry mum and dad) and started figuring out how to follow this dream. For my 21st birthday I was given an airfare to New York to check out the theatre and while I was on my visit I looked into Summer intensive acting programs, found one I totally vibed with, went home for 2 weeks then flew back to NYC- to use a total copout of a saying, the rest is history.

Moving countries at a young age can be very difficult, what would be the hardest part about moving countries and your proudest achievement so far in NYC?

The hardest thing for me is feeling like you are missing out on important moments in your family’s life back home. Thank goodness for technology, everyone is just a phone call away now, but it still sucks that I can’t give my mum, dad and brother a hug.

This ties into what I’m most proud of about living here; I did it. I proved to myself that I can go out on a whim and survive. My biggest achievement is that I’ve transformed into the woman I always hoped I’d be.

NYC ICONIC LOCATION- Flatiron Building

Hands down, my favorite building in the city. On my way to school I would get off the subway 3 stops earlier just so I could pass it while the sun was setting every night.


How does New York City and its diverse community inspire your day to day style?

One of my favorite things about New York is that you can be anyone you want to be. Which of course means, you can wear whatever you want. I have truly found my style since living here; I no longer fall victim to trends that do not suit my body (helloooo bodycon). Being the center of the world, this city is like a vortex of amazingness, everywhere I go I’m inspired. Whether it’s this gorgeous girl who is always playing her originals at the 2nd Ave Subway with a sexy bohemian vibe, the models walking the cobblestone streets in Soho rocking vintage Levi cutoffs or the tattooed girl with hair somehow better than Alexander Wang’s reading in my local Bushwick coffee shop.

This city has taught me to dress how I feel and fu*k whoever doesn’t like it.

Go to Ice cream flavor: Tiramisu

Your Instagram page is full of vibrant and amazing photos of coffee and food, tell us about a few of your favourite go-to places in your neighbourhood that we should try?

I live for food and man oh man this city has so much of it. I love Sweatshop in Williamsburg for the best home tasting food and coffee (holy sh*t that avo), Happy Bones (An OVERT favorite), Dweebs, AP cafe, The Butcher’s Daughter in West Village, Dimes, Reynard, Pitanga, Toby’s Estate, Cafe Select, Gotan, Dudley’s, Ludlow Coffee Supply

Ruby’s Outfit Details: Zimmermann Dress, Zara Sandals & OVERT Noho Neoprene backpack.

What advice would you have for other young females trying moving to New York to pursue their career?

Just do it. I was lucky enough to have the world’s most supportive family which helped me ENORMOUSLY, but even if that’s not your circumstance, it can’t stop you. Life is so damn short and the worst thing that will happen is you hate it and then you can just go back home.

If you do decide to make the big move (YAS QUEEN), put yourself out there when you move over; go to events, talk to gorgeous strangers, be bold, work outside of your apartment, find a likeminded community to turn to when you need help or support. This is a crazy huge city with so many people but it can be incredibly lonely if you isolate yourself.


One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen is Poet’s Walk in Central Park in the fall. Perched on one of the benches lining the pathway is my favorite place to people watch and pet random wonderful dogs.


3 things you love about the NOHO and being a New York City girl?

1. I love that it’s all black and sexy, can carry everything in the world and that detachable clutch hell yeaahhhhh!

2. I love that I don’t take shit; if I’m not into something, a situation or a person, I’m not afraid to say what I think.

3. I love that I can walk everywhere (except to Queens cause that would be too far).

No. 4 because why not.

I love that every day I leave my apartment open to whatever will come my way. Anything can happen.

Find out more about Ruby later this week when we grab a cocktail and ask her our Friday night Speed Dating questions….


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