Summertime = ROOFTOP Parties! 


Last month our friends in Williamsburg hosted their Annual Rooftop Block Party – what better opportunity to meet some new City babes than on a roof, with a cooler full of booze and a photographer to capture it all! It turns out – a perfect opportunity to show you a day in the life of some REAL GIRLS DOING REAL SH*T, which obviously includes partying! Of course, almost anyone who has experienced a New York Summer has thrown or been to a rager of a rooftop party in their time (and if you haven’t, get yourself to a rooftop ALREADY!). We know that the New York lifestyle is a crazy mix of trying to balance your work schedule while keeping up with your social life, this is how real girls let their hair down and party.

Booze + Parties = New Girl Crush

We got to meet with a bunch of new badass city girls who completely embraced the OVERT mantra. Killer “I’ll do it my way” style, outgoing nature and ‘real girl, real sh*t’ attitude made heads turn as they danced their way into the sunset.


(and the new OVERT Envelope Clutch – Coming SOON!)


I’m a lover! Lover of people, food, travel, new experiences, music, beauty, everything all at once, love love love love love.

This summer is my “Summer of Yes”. I have a pretty demanding job that takes me to odd (sometimes cruel) and unusual places, so I like to balance that with about 150% of everything else. Excess is normal for me. I eat until I pass out, drink until, well, I pass out, dance until the sun rises, chat until you beg me to stop, then repeat. I guess the only thing I don’t do much of is sleep, which is why I live in New York because it also has that reputation.

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And her Neoprene Noho Bag

I’m originally from Key West, Florida but now live in the amazing neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

I love the creative energy of New York City!  I work as a Talent Manager, you can check me and my things out @

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As the sun set, we danced into the night while sipping on  rosè cider – yeah that’s right we said ROSÈ CIDER thanks to Wölffer No. 139! Who would have thought that you could combine two of the best summertime sipping drinks into one.



In true Brooklyn style, the party went into the night before getting shut down due to the noise complaints – talk about real sh*t.

Photographed by Sophia Wilson for OVERT – @Phiawilson