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Week – 03

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W E E K  0 3

Something happened.
Bodega nights.

A good neighborhood bodega is essential to any New Yorkers life. It’s where you get everything from your morning bacon, egg, and cheese bagel and ice coffee, to deli meats, burgers, candy bars, laundry detergent, and all the other miscellaneous confectionary or household items or you can think of.

My bodega is particularity good and sometimes I call in there on my way home from a night out. On Thursday night while making me a grilled cheese, Jabrill the bodega owner’s son who works behind the counter, told me his mother is trying to find him a wife. He’s Muslim so it needs to be arranged and approved by his family.

In the middle of our conversation, another customer leaned in to give his thoughts on the subject. I turned abruptly to the interrupter and looked him up and down. He was wearing workout clothes, shorts, and a sweatshirt, but with dress shoes that you’d wear with a suit.

“It’s because I forgot my sneakers, so I just boxed in bare feet but I couldn’t walk home with no shoes on” he explained with a thick English accent. We spoke briefly about boxing and the repercussions of walking the streets of downtown New York in bare feet, then my sandwich was ready, I said goodbye to my bodega friends and headed off home.
The Boxer followed me out, walked me to the corner and invited me to a boxing class on Saturday. I said yes because if you haven’t already read between the lines, I had a few wines pre wandering into the bodega.

After the class on Saturday, the Boxer told me I was actually really cool and normal. He thought after our first meeting, I might be crazy. “You just seemed really confident,” he said when I asked him why he would invite a potentially crazy girl to a Saturday morning workout.

For the record, I’m chalking this up as a win.

Something cheap.
Soho steak night.

Sometimes, we find ourselves staring at a restaurant menu thinking “what the hell is going on?” Words like “activated” and “infused” are written to describe the starters, with entrees made with foam. It’s like, we get it, you’re the cool, new and purposefully pretentious restaurant on the block and yes, these menu items make for engaging Instagram posts.
Relais de Venise L’Entrecôte isn’t cool, and it’s not trying to be. Tucked away in Soho on the top of Thompson Street, the restaurant is old fashioned, with clunky furniture and no background music. But you don’t come to L’Ent

recôte for aesthetics. You come for cheap and delicious steak-frites which is served prix fixe style, in a very casual and quick way.

overt something life steak night

There are no menus, once seated the waitress (wearing a kind of French maid style outfit) asks how you’d like your steak cooked either blue, rare, medium, or well. Order it medium, maybe rare. Then everyone gets the same salad with a mustard vinaigrette and walnuts. Your food comes out as a half portion of amazing steak covered in a secret sauce from France and hand cut fries. After you are done, you get the second portion of steak and fries. Simple and to the point.

Pair the meat with a bottle of Cote Du Rhone, finish it off with a creme brulee and roll on home, full, happy and with a much-needed iron level boost.

Something else – present this flyer throughout the whole month of February and receive 50% off set menus. Eat steak, drink wine and be very happy.

Something to read.
You can quote that.

Some things just get it right. One of those things is the new Quoted Magazine founded by an award-winning journalist from Scandinavia, Rolf Arne Leer. The magazine is the ultimate coffee table book and has already gained a cult following across social media, despite only having released two editions.

Derived from Leer’s passion for traveling, storytelling, and diversity the magazine gives a glimpse into the lives of every day New Yorkers from all walks of life – from subway performers, to tour guides, to those who grew up on the Upper East Side.

Quoted magazine overt nyc something life

In a way Quoted Magazine reignites the magic that is living in New York, you can get so caught up in the day to day you forget you live in a city surrounded by so many characters each with a unique story.

We love that in New York, you can pull up a stool at any bar, chat with a stranger for a while and leave with an interesting story or two. This is the take-home version.

Something to listen to.
We Met At Acme

You know when you’re sitting at a cafe waiting for someone, and you find yourself eavesdropping on an intriguing conversation, and then your friend arrives it’s kind of annoying because you don’t get to hear what happens? Well, We Met at Acme is that conversation.

Hosted by Lindsey Metselaar, We Met At Acme is a podcast series on dating in New York City. The conversation is casual as Lindsay spends an hour a week on her couch chatting with friends, social influencers, men-about-town… basically smooth talking, confident people who have a lot to say about their dating habits in the city, and aren’t afraid to reveal all.  WMAA overt nyc podcast something life

The podcast touches on subjects that we don’t usually talk about in our day-to-day, but want to know and hear about, because, entertainment. It’s easy to listen to and insightful with topics ranging from texting etiquette, dating multiple people at once, deal breakers, dating someone who’s sober when you’re not, navigating dating apps, threesomes, why everyone should watch porn, and all the things you talk about after a few martini’s, plus more.

Eavesdrop on the conversations here, we recommend Episodes 6, 7 and 13 as a good place to start.

yoko ono overt nyc something life quotes



         something well said.


“You can be very wild and still be very wise.” – Yoko Ono.






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