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WHO: Laura + Seline Jung

WHAT: Founders of Uniform

WHERE: West Village, NYC

IG: @shoptheuniform, @laurajung, @selinejung

We are back again this week for our City Girl Hangouts with another dynamic duo and not to mention SISTERS. Introducing Laura & Seling Jung, the founders and creatives behind the brand Uniform Clothing. The inspiration for the brand was born out of the notion of a sartorial “uniform” consisting of staple pieces that every woman needs in her closet, in the timeless-but-current styles and materials she wants. Picture the perfect white shirt and leather jacket combination, and you have the ultimate city UNIFORM. Get to know more about the talents sisters as we followed them around their West Village neighbourhood.

What is Uniform Clothing because it sure isn’t the type of “uniform” that some might have come to mind! What inspired you to create your own line?

We started inspired by the idea of a basic wardrobe for every woman: creating a few key pieces that she could wear with anything else in her wardrobe. We started with leather jackets and t-shirts because we saw a gap in the market for high-quality, non-luxury-priced basics that were actually beautifully made in both looks and quality.

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What has been your biggest learning curve since starting out?

SJ: The financials for sure, but also little things here and there such as establishing a great customer service reputation. We want everything to be perfect but we learn that sometimes it’s much harder to do that even if you start out with all the right intentions.

LJ: The financials! My very little knowledge on accounting has helped but there is still so much that goes on in running a business and making sure all your expenses are in check.

Getting to know the girls!

1. Where did you go to College?
SJ: Boston University
LJ: I’m still in school at NYU’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study

2. Where were you born?
SJ: Concord, Massachusetts
LJ: Boston, Massachusetts

3. What is/was your major in College?
SJ: Journalism with a concentration in International Relations
LJ: I go to NYU’s individualized school where I and make up my own major. My concentration is globalization and its effects on social and cultural issues of our times, particularly on race and the environment.

4. How long did you live in Korea for?
SJ: From the ages of 5-18!
LJ: Basically my entire life, from when I was 2 years old.

5. What year did Uniform launch?
The summer of 2014

In 5 years, where do you see yourself and your brand? If you weren’t in the fashion industry, what else would you want a career in?

SJ: I have always wanted to be a journalist, so I would choose that career path.

LJ: In 5 years, I hope UNIFORM will continue to stay true to its brand identity, increase distribution channels, and make some major disruptive strides in the industry. If I weren’t in the fashion industry, I would probably use what I’ve been studying in college and become an activist of some sort – tying in social responsibility with my love of fashion and media.

Chocolate Croissants @ Maison Kayser, 326 Bleecker St, New York, NY 10014.

Shop the Uniform OVERTWith Thanksgiving fast approaching, and you being sisters, we would love to know what traditions you have in the Jung household? We know that you are massive foodie Laura, tell us what your ideal Thanksgiving meal would be?

Our ideal Thanksgiving meal would be an absolute feast with a lot of variety on the table, concentrated with veggie side dishes! Seline has always made a killer sweet potato casserole with marshmallows on top, so I always look forward to that. I’ve also learned how to make vegetarian stuffing – cooked in a baking dish, not in a turkey. Fresh, homemade cranberry sauce is also key. My mom made some for us when she visited us earlier last month so we’re super excited to open that up this Thanksgiving.

What does a day in the life of the Uniform girls look like?

SJ: It’s different for us every single day since we run our own business and Laura still attends university. She is very busy during the week with classes, extra curriculars and schoolwork but we always find some time in the day to regroup and talk business. I, on the other hand, am juggling many different things, including finding full-time work, while running UNIFORM!

LJ: We feel like the day in the life of the UNIFORM girl is very reflective of our own lifestyle. They are always on the go, passionate about what they do, and very practical in mind. Our products exude practicality while allowing one’s personal style to show through.

hop the Uniform OVERTWhat’s your favorite thing about the Noho bag?

SJ: I love how I can actually fit my laptop in the Noho bag and not have to think about it all day, carry it around or have it poking out of a tote. The Noho bag truly fits all.

LJ: I’m the kind of girl that leaves my apartment at 9 am and isn’t back until 9 pm. I love how it is able to fit everything, look chic with any outfit, and is actually comfortable. My back isn’t killing me the next day. I also go horseback riding twice a week and have been using my Noho bag to carry everything I need including my helmet. My hands have freed up and it’s so comfortable!

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