Who doesn’t love the concept of speed dating in NYC, especially firing off those getting-to-know-you questions?

Threesome anyone?

Read Tiffani, BB and Emily’s Speed Dating Q & A’s below.


 First app you check when you wake up?

T // Instagram E // Messages B // Email


       Your next holiday destination (or wish)?

         T // Destin Florida for Christmas with my parents and brother

         E // Thailand

         B // Home to LA, then Tokyo for belated honeymoon



                  T // I don’t drink – so for me a seltzer with lime

                  E // Tequila Ginger

                  B // I don’t really drink



Commute mode of choice?

T // Car – I’m a Midwest girl and miss driving everywhere in a car. But in NYC I use the MTA Subway mostly

E // Walking!

B // MTA… I know I know…


Last text message you sent? To who?

T // Telling my husband I love him

E // “AHH You’re the best!!!” to my longtime BFF Cara

B // Me updating my girl Constanza about how I have an appointment with my sports doctor the next day.


Most used emoji?

T // Hand over face

E // Laughing crying face

B // Clapping hands in my skin tone


Fave thing (or 3) about NYC? 

T // Seamless web, the endless opportunities, Broadway

E // All the hustling people trying to make their dreams come true

B // Here is where I met and married my husband


Emily, BB, Tiffani


What stresses you out?

T // The MTA

E // Picking where/what to eat

B // Needing more hours in a day



What jewelry do you wear?

T // Wedding rings and simple earrings – I rarely change them

E // I don’t know the last time I wore jewelry

B // I eat, sweat, and sleep in my wedding and engagement rings and custom earrings




I want to look back in 10 years and be happy that I….  

T // Followed my heart, worked hard, took risks, and enjoyed life.

E // I took the leap of faith and followed my dreams and didn’t give up.  It sounds so cliche but I don’t want any regrets about not trying.

B // Helped many men and women find their power.


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Photography By // Aline Velter