Sunday Speed Date – why not?

In City Girl profile tradition, we asked Christina a series of quick-fire questions to get to know her just that little bit more, check out her answers to the Speed Dating round here.

Christina tung overt nyc


We may as well start with some romance, right?


Your first crush was…?

OH GEEZ. A skater with braces.


Best place in New York to go on a first date?

Ice skating at Rockefeller- let’s see how coordinated he is…


Go-to city to visit outside of NY?

I love Baltimore, because it’s so quirky and authentic. I went to college there, and I just finished The Wire.


Christina tung overt nyc

A love/hate relationship.

The hardest thing about having your own business?Christina tung overt nyc

What ISN’T hard? I think the toughest thing is that you can never shut off, get away, or not worry about work when you have your own business.

And the best?

I’m really trying to take more advantage of the best things- flexible schedule and choosing the people you want to work with.

First thing you do when you wake up and last at night?

Honestly? This is the worst habit, but I’m on my phone.
My New Year’s Res is for this not to be true in 2018.

Christina tung overt nyc


Christina tung overt nyc

Most used Emoji?

Eyeroll, but usually I mean it more in an “I’m thinking” way ( I know there’s the hand to chin one, but… the eyeroll is more appropriate sometimes.


3 things you always keep in your Bag?

Wallet, keys, cellphone. It’s my mantra when I walk out the door. I pack light.


What’s on your Spotify or Pandora right now?

I have all kinds of playlists- 90s r&b, surf rock, 50s sock hop, country singalongs… it just depends on my mood.


The most useful app on your phone? Venmo.



Christina tung overt nyc



And, just because we want to know. 


Favorite piece in your home and where it came from?

All my vintage rugs- I have an azilal, a beni ourain, a couple Persian rugs. My friend has a site called Barefoot Bohême and she handpicks rugs from Morocco. Dreamy!

For the holidays I’ll be… Eating veggies in Trinidad






overt nyc

Thanks for hanging Christina – and for all the new tips from a day in Bed Stuy to shopping for the home and for ourselves…uh oh.

Don’t forget to share your OVERT Life with us, City Girls.


Excellent photography by // Aline Velter