And North
This week we went north of the city with our OVERT City Girl, Emma Tuccillo. We thought that we would change up our speed dating routine and put her to the test over coffee… because in our experience some of the best first dates are at cute little cafes, right?  To be honest our whole day would have been a perfect day for a first date – European inspired gardens, a stroll along the river front and coffee & lunch at a small family cafe.

1. Favorite place in Upstate New York?Upstate with And North
Saugerties Lighthouse

2. Beach or the mountains?

3. Favourite candy?
Lion bar

4. The first app you checked in the morning?

5. What do you do to destress?
I eat cheese and watch silly shows

6. Guilty pleasure?
Cheesy fashion magazines

7. 3 words to describe Upstate New York?
Bucolic, adventurous, friendly

8. If you could describe yourself as a cocktail what would it be?
A French 75. Simple, fizzy, with a hint of sweetness

9. Last online purchase?
A black bathing suit top from J Crew

And North10. Describe your style in one word?

11. 3 essentials in your Noho?

A camera, a bathing suit, and a laptop

12. The last thing you googled?
Pictures of Watkins Glen State Park in Ithaca

13. If you could have coffee with anyone, who would it be?
Audrey Hepburn

14. Favorite lipstick color?
Flat Out Fabulous by Mac

15. How do you do it all?
Not easily, but with a lot of help and a lot of heart