We took a moment out of Sheena’s already busy dating schedule in London and put her through a round of Speed Dating questions of our own.

Find out more about this week’s OVERT City Girl…

1. London or Melbourne coffee? Melbourne. overt-london-7193
London is a close second, but always Melbourne. (London coffee KILLS Sydney)

2. Red or white wine?
Gamay all day!  

 3. 70’s, 80’s or 90’s tunes?

4. Bumble or Happen?

5. First major crush?
David Bowie, Labyrinth.  Responsible for many a sexual awakening in girls of my generation!

6. Favorite English guilty pleasure?
Fried cod with buttery mashed potatoes, minted crushed peas and gravy.  Every Sunday.  

7. Best memory so far in London?
Secret Cinema, 28 Days Later.  An incredible experience!

 8. I know you choose walking as your mode of transport in London – How many steps did you take today?
On average, 15,000 per day.  

9. When is your next date?
Tomorrow night, it clashes with my hair washing schedule, but his banter isn’t that good.  overt-london-7101

10. The thing you miss most in Australia?
My divine nieces.  I facetime them a few times a week so they don’t forget who I am.  

11. If not London, where?
Hmmm.. I am having a love affair with LA.  Maybe that’s

12. In 5 years I will be:
A kept woman.  Or married to Khal Drogo. 

13. It’s your first REAL winter! Tell us what your winter wardrobe essentials are going to be? Oh yes, that whole winter thing.  I have my Nicholas furs, my COS leather gloves, now I need to start searching for a proper winter coat, as I don’t think my Melbourne collection is going to cut it…. 

14. You are a bit of a movie buff, what’s your favorite?
I have probably seen Pretty Woman a hundred times, and I might watch it again now that you mention it.  

15. Best advice you’ve ever gotten?
Ignore him, he will come crawling back.  Thanks Mum, they always do. 

Want more? Watch this space!