Introducing Friday night Speed Dating

Every Friday night we are putting our City Girls through a round of quick fire questions to find out things about them that you may have not known before. This week we put Lauren & Sarah from team OVERT to the test.

Three words to describe living in New York?
LK: Seductive, electric, magnetic
SS: Constant, Addictive, Inspired

Facebook, instagram or twitter?
LK: Instagram
SS: Instagram

One person you want to have coffee with?
LK: Anyone over the age of 60 who grew up in NYC. They always have great stories.
SS: Kate Moss springs to mind, but I think that’d have to be a vino. Karl Lagerfeld.

Current trend you hate?
LK: I’ve been seeing a lot of cropped flares. Not into those.
SS: People staring at their phone screen, ESPECIALLY during conversation.

Three things you always have in your bag?

LK: Lipgloss, baby wipes, a scarf.
SS: My laptop seemingly… Citibike key, Lipstick!

Best career advice you have ever been given?DSCF6532
LK:  Trust your intuition
SS: A job shouldn’t be a job, it should be what you “do”. Make a career out of something you love and you will inevitably be successful.

Who should everyone be following right now?

LK: Plus sized models.
SS: OVERT! 🙂 We have A LOT of things going on and things to come!

Favourite cocktail bar in NYC?
LK: Attaboy LES.
SS: Attaboy LES.

How do you like your coffee?
LK: Almond milk cappuccino.
SS: A Flat White (AKA Cappuccino in NY) Strong, hot, 6 or 8 oz. NEVER bigger.

How do you do it all?
LK: You don’t.
SS: iCal, Friends, Wine. And most definitely – my boy.