We sat down with the girls from Lively over coffee in Bryant park to put them through the OVERT Speed Dating questions. Find out more about Ali and Michelle….

What’s your favorite month of the year?
MG: JULY!  A beach bum at heart and just love the 4th of July
AA: September, without a doubt. There’s a freshness in the air and a vibe of exciting new beginnings

Monochrome or color?
MG: Monochrome… although I am always waiting for that itch for color to hit!
AA: Monochrome, but a sucker for a dark-based floral.

Biggest win of the week?
MG: When my daughter decided to switch her Halloween outfit from princess to snowman!
AA: Getting an email or DM from a LIVELY girl about how our message or product has empowered her and made her feel amazing.

Career Crush?
MG: Diane Von Furstenberg
AA: Leandra Medine

Favorite Lively piece?
MG: Hard to play favorites, but given I am 7 months pregnant, any and every LIVELY Bralette.
AA: The Mesh Trim Bralette is beyond. I rotate between every colorway we have.

3 words to describe your life in New York?
MG: Dreams come true
AA: Full, Happy, Home (grew up in Queens!)

Your best memory of 2016 so far?
MG: The day LIVELY launcheddscf4878
AA: Getting engaged in front of Lincoln Center and spending the rest of the weekend with everyone we love.

Sunrise or sunset?
AA: Sunset

Favorite genre of movie?
MG: Rom Coms… the more terrible, the better!
AA: I secretly binge on Lifetime movies!

First app you checked in this morning?
MG: Sales app for LIVELY
AA: I run LIVELY’s social platforms, and Instagram is our baby. It has my attention first thing in the morning and last at night (and so so much in between).

Your go-to cocktail?
MG: Wine… all kinds.
AA: Prosecco

Your everyday mantra?
MG: Be thankful for all the beauty in your life (family, friends, health, team)
AA: “Stay humble, work hard, be kind.” and “You only fail when you stop trying.”

3 essentials in your Noho bag?
MG: My NARS gypsy lipstick 🙂 always need a good lip color, my water of the moment, currently loving HINT and my laptop/iPad.
AA:  My laptop, Fresh’s Sugar Lip Balm, and this amazing hand cream I found in Greece by Aeolis (Can you tell I’m prepping for another NYC winter?!)

Sound track of your life?
MG: The soundtrack to Dirty Dancing, closing with I had the time of my life :)!

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