As if you wouldn’t swipe right on this babe…to end out our hangout with the latest City Girl Bianca we shot her a bunch of our Speed Dating questions. Get the deets below.

bianca valle overt nyc noho bag


1. The first thing you think of when you wake up?
Thank you

2. Your next holiday wish?

3. Commute mode of choice?

4. The last book you read? Real or Audio?
Alchemist, Audio

5. Top 3 podcasts?
Not a podcast girl!



6. If you could trade places with someone for a day, who would it be?
Mother Teresa

bianca valle overt nyc



8. Most used Emoji?
Bouquet of flowers

9. 3 things you always keep in your Bag?
Face mist, Chapstick, Hairclip

10. What’s on your Spotify or Pandora right now?
Beach House




bianca valle overt nyc

11. The first app you check in the morning?

12. One habit that you just can’t kick?
Touching my hair

14. Last night I…
Slept! Haha, that’s boring…Ummm, ok I did laundry

bianca valle overt nyc

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Photography By // Aline Velter