We sat down with our new London City Girl, Jen Guberek, over a beer at her local pub to put her through our Speed Dating questions…..

1. First app you check in the morning?
Daily Mail

2. Prefer the local pub or swanky cocktail bar?

3. Most used emoji?

4. Beach hair or blow out?
Attempted beach hair. Never blow out

5. Where do you go in London to escape?
Hampstead Heath

6. Best outfit you’ve ever worn?
Balenciaga wedding dress.overt-london-7289

7. Next vacay?
Euro Disney

8. What do you wear on Sunday mornings?
Naked Sunday’s.

9. Last thing you googled?
Conversion rates

10. Lucky number?
17 and 23

11. Squats or push ups?

12. Your Miu Miu crystal platforms or your Nikes?
The Miu Miu’s.

13.In 5 years I will be…
A mumma with my man living happily ever after.


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