From day to day habits to her favorite cocktail to life hacks and honest city living challenges.

Get to know Kelsey a little more with our Speed Dating round.


I’m an OVERT Girl because…kelsey panicco overt nyc noho bag bushwick I live for creative communities!!!  

The best thing about New York City is… There is magic on every corner.  

And the most annoying – Crowded subway commutes.




Do you ever get social media’d out working in the space?

Every. Damn. Day. – But it brings me happiness and inspiration so I sacrifice my exhaustion for those two things

When do you feel most creative?

When I am doing and creating. Also when I surround myself with beauty and inspiration – that’s what opens the floodgates to my creativity.

kelsey panicco overt nyc noho bag bushwick Favorite food? Why? I don’t have a favorite food, song, band or movie. Because living in my mood is what fulfills me most.

Brownstone or Penthouse? Both. Brownstones = magic, and Penthouses = luxury

3 things you always keep in your Noho Bag? Makeup bag Water bottle Outfit change (lol, yep.) kelsey panicco overt nyc noho bag bushwick On your travel wish list right now? Cape Town is next up on my list of travels. Aside from that, anywhere and everywhere. I feel most alive when I travel near or far.

First thing you do when you wake up Check my emails + the weather

And last at night? Get inspired any way possible before falling asleep

ap cafe bushwick overt


What’s the most useful app on your phone? Calendar app!

Favorite cocktail in New York? St. Germain Lavender Spritz

Most used Emoji? Heart eyes.


This time next year I’ll be… Checking off all of my achieved goals in 2018

The best thing in my life right now is… All of the love that’s in my life. My creative work, my best friends, my family.


Photography // Aline Velter for OVERT



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