This week we sat down with the girls from UNIFORM over our last iced Americano of the season to put them through our Speed Dating Questions. Find out more about the Jung sisters.

How many pairs of shoes do you own?

SJ: Around 20.
LJ: A pretty standard amount. I’d say 85% of them are sneakers or some variation of a sneaker.

One person you would love to wear the Uniform leather jacket?
SJ: There is this artist and photographer I’ve been following on Instagram for a while, @elizabethsmart, and she embodies all the cool chicks I wish we could give a jacket too.
LJ: Bella Hadid

3 things that you are thankful for?
SJ: My family, the food I can choose to eat every day, and DOGS
LJ: My family, health, and being able to live out my dreams!

Most used Emoji?
SJ: The twinkle stars and flamenco lady!
LJ: The twinkle stars and the intense-looking knife lol

Your favorite Spice Girl?dscf7582
SJ: This is very weird, but I never listened to or watched the Spice Girls! I completely missed that train and was too focused on the Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears.
LJ: ^ same

Last thing you googled?
SJ: “Writing in a candidate” – for the elections on November 8 
LJ: “Laura Jung” – HAHAHA, I wanted to see what pictures came up when I Googled ourselves!

Your favorite Instagram account that you follow?
SJ: @scariest_bug_ever
LJ: @doggosdoingthings

Your go-to sweet treat?
SJ: I think both of us would go with a classic, warm chocolate chip cookie.

Shop the Uniform OVERTWinter or Summer?
SJ: Winter
LJ: Summer

Your hidden talent?
SJ: I can pick any object up with my toes.
LJ: Not sure if this constitutes as a talent, but I can eat an absurd amount of bananas in one sitting.

Best thing that has happened to you this week?
SJ: In the face of election day, it is hard to find anything good that has happened this week.
LJ: Finishing midterms and having some time to relax, maybe?

Your favorite trend of the season?
SJ: Jeans that aren’t skinny jeans
LJ: ‘70s-style ankle boots

Describe New York in 3 words.
SJ: Illogical, toxic and thrilling
LJ: Exhilarating, non-stop, annoying

Best compliment you have ever received?
SJ: “You are woman goals!” – exact words
LJ: Probably anytime someone calls me intelligent.

One thing that you learned at college that you have since used and didn’t think you would?
LJ: Being a consistent morning person.

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