Soyoung Park Caeden Noho Backpack

We sat down with the CMO from Caeden, Soyoung Park, over an iced matcha in Cobble Hill park and asked her so of our speed dating questions. Find out more about this week’s City Girl below!

Soyoung Park Caeden Caeden Official Noho Backpack1. Do you have an everyday mantra?
Progress, not perfect.

2. Gold or Silver?

3. 3 essentials in your Noho bag?
iPhone, wallet, keys

4. What’s currently on your music playlist?
Frank Ocean

5. Last used emoji?

6. 3 words to describe your life in New York?
live create love

7. Biggest “pinch-yourself moment”?
Meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu in Cape Town, South Africa was pretty humbling and surreal.

8. How many cities are in your world clock?Soyoung Park Caeden Noho backpack New York City

9. Wine or cocktails? 
There’s definitely a place for both.

10.First app you checked this morning?

11. Best business advice you have been given?
Don’t ever walk into a room and think that you don’t belong.

12. What’s on the top of your shopping list?
Right now I’m obsessed with finding plants for my apartment.

13. 3 things you do to destress?
Yoga, Resonance Meditation, Run

14. What’s your favorite season?

15. One thing you want to do before the end of the year?
Go to a place I’ve never been.

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