Meet our latest City Girls, Athina and Florence, the co-founders of COVRY. An innovative eyewear brand dedicated to creating shades that fit a diverse range of face shapes. 

We visited their studio in the Fashion District, which is shared with another kick-ass designer, Lelet (who was madly preparing custom hairpiece designs for the Met Gala while we were there) and chatted about life as a City Girl and their “New York moments.” We then took a stroll around the hustling block and captured the girls on-the-go with their fave OVERT products. 

Get to know Athina and Florence in this Follow the Girl interview and say hello in person with our brand new video series, OVERT City Girls on Film.

Photography: Renee Bevan


The Hustle // 

Athina // “We started Covry with the mission of embracing and celebrating diversity.”


“We wanted to challenge an industry that didn’t pay much attention to diverse facial features by creating our own standard of better fitting frames.” 

Florence // “As a female-founded brand, we also love supporting other female entrepreneurs and small businesses! In building Covry, we’re so lucky to have met so many smart and talented women that are building their own brands and pushing boundaries.” 


“When we get together, it’s a very positive energy of women supporting women.”

Backstory //

Florence // “We’ve been friends since high school and grew up in South Jersey. I first moved to New York for college! During my time at the Fashion Institute of Technology, I interned almost every semester working in different types of fashion companies and departments to get a feel for what I wanted to do. My last internship was at a boutique fashion PR company and I ended up getting hired there after graduation. This is where I fell in love with the behind-the-scenes strategies of brands.”

Athina // “I went to college in Los Angeles but I’ve always been an east coast girl at heart. After moving to New York, I worked at an apparel production company that worked with brands like Theory, Rag & Bone, etc. to produce their collections.”

“Being so deeply involved in the production process provided me with valuable tools that I now use for Covry.”

What’s Next //

Florence // “We have so many initiatives coming up this year that I’m really excited about!”


“One that we recently launched is Shop the Showroom. We’re inviting customers to our showroom for a private, one-on-one shopping so that customers can try on frames and find their perfect fit in real life. Every summer, I get excited about heading down to the shore. I’ve always loved the beach, boardwalk and summer sunsets, so that’s where you’ll find me on weekends!”

Athina // “I’ll be working on new designs for 2019 this summer! Traveling and visiting museums are a great place for inspiration.”


“I’m also excited to dine outside, there’s a ton of cute restaurants in Brooklyn that open their gardens in the summer.” 


Check out our video chat with the girls on our OVERT City Girls on Film channel  

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