WHO: Caroline Vazzana

WHAT:  Freelance Fashion Editor, Stylist and Consultant.

WHERE: Staten Island, NY + All the WiFi hot spots, NYC.

Website / MakingManhattan
Instagram / Personal
Instagram / MakingManhattan

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lizzy Steimer


We sat down and enjoyed a Matcha Latte with city girl on the go Caroline Vazzana. Caroline is doing it all; a fashion editor, stylist, consultant and self described modern day Carrie Bradshaw. If you’ve ever seen her Instagram you would recognize the bright street style outfits. Her personality is equally as bright and we loved getting to know her strolling around Soho visiting her favorite places.  

She’s a risk taker, and isn’t afraid of failure. She owns a crazy amount of notebooks where she’s constantly jotting down ideas..

OV: What does a day in the life of Caroline look like?
No two days are ever the same since I do such a wide variety of things. One day I could be styling an editorial, another I could be working on an Instagram collaboration with a brand, and another I could be planning out editorial content for MakingManhattan.com. Most days consist of me running around the city though and always stopping to capture a few fun pictures. 

OV: Living in the city you often leave the house in the morning and don’t return until late at night, how do you transform your look from the day into the night? Do you have any must-have accessories or beauty essentials?
For me, I think the one thing I need to take my look from day to night is a bright colorful lipstick. Other than that my style is very eclectic and colorful so most looks I wear during the day can transition easily into night. Plus, the beauty of NYC is that anything goes when it comes to fashion so a skirt with kitten heels can work for a day around the city and also after work drinks.


OV: You were drawn to the OVERT Envelope Clutch, what do you love about this bag?
I love that it’s sleek and the perfect compliment to any outfit. It’s not too bulky so it doesn’t overpower any look, rather it compliments it


OV: You work as a fashion editor, stylist and consultant, how did you get to this point in your life and career?
I started my career working at Teen Vogue right after I graduated college. After a year there I went on to work on the Digital Fashion team at InStyle. That’s when I really started thinking about the possibilities of social media and how I could actually build my own brand. I went out on my own last September and that’s when I started my career as a freelance writer, editor, stylist, and consultant.

OV: We love your personal website MakingManhattan.com, how did you go about bringing this to life?
For me, I began Making it in Manhattan as a way to share my stories with the future fashion generation. When starting a project like this it’s really important to organize all of your ideas. Write them down and create an editorial calendar of what you want to see on the site. From there, define what your message is going to be and stick with it.

OV: You work across multiple roles on a daily basis, how do you juggle everything?
I think a big part of what I do is staying organized. I’ve had to learn when to prioritize one thing over the other since I do so many different things. I always use the calendar app and reminders app on my iPhone to help me stay organized and never miss a deadline


OV: What advice would you give to someone who want to make it big in the NYC in the fashion space?
Be kind, work hard, and network! Networking is the key to moving forward in this industry. I was once told, “it’s not what you know but who you know” and that is so true.

OV: We traveled with you around the city to some of your favorite places to work from, what do you look for when finding a work place in the city?

I always look for good lighting and bright colors. I work best when my environment is a reflection of me.

OV: Clearly you have a fondness for Laduree – as do we it’s beautiful! What is your go to order here?
For lunch I’ll get the Lobster Caesar Salad with a side of the Truffle Potatoes- it’s seriously so delicious.
For dessert I’ll always get a few Vanilla Macaroons and for my drink I’ll either get the Jasmine Green Tea or a Diet Coke.


OV: We’re so happy to have you as one of our OVERT City Girls, how would you define the City Girl?
I think the City Girl is someone who is fearless. She believes whole-heartedly that if your dreams don’t scare you they aren’t big enough. She’s a risk taker, and isn’t afraid of failure. She owns a crazy amount of notebooks where she’s constantly jotting down ideas and her shoe collection challenges that of Carrie Bradshaw.

Most days consist of me running around the city though and always stopping to capture a few fun pictures.

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