Soyoung Park OVERT NYC Noho Backpack

WHO: Soyoung Park

WHAT: Chief Marketing Officer, Caeden

WHERE: Brooklyn Heights / Cobble Hill

IG: @Soyoungnyc

We are always talking about “The Girl Doing It All”, but sometimes we all just need to stop, breath and focus our energy away from our 3+ email accounts, work and the million and one social events we plan to attend.  This week’s city girl is Soyoung Park, Chief Marketing Officer for the wearable technology company, Caeden – who recently launched their new Sona Connected Bracelet.  Sona is the ultimate smart wristband that includes the usual sensors you would find on a fitness gadget for counting steps, but also has an advanced heart rate sensor that can measure overall health and stress levels.  Sona connects to the Caeden app, which also includes guided meditations to help build focus and resilience to stress.  Who better to talk to about taking a break from “city life” than the CMO herself! In this City Girl post, find out how Soyoung relaxes and destresses on the weekend in her favorite Brooklyn neighbourhoods.

Why headphones and connected technology? What is your background in and how has that influenced your current career path?

We built Caeden because we wanted to create products that solved real problems for today’s entrepreneurs and doers.  We’re all constantly trying to do more and be more productive, all while trying to live healthier, more balanced lives.  For many of us in the city, music is a way to relax and find a little peace in our hectic lives.  With our Linea headphone collection, we wanted to create sleek, comfortable headphones with great acoustics to help individuals to find these moments in their lives.

We spent two years researching and developing our Sona Connected Bracelet, a wrist-based wearable for mind and body that features a science-based meditation program called Resonance that was originally developed for astronauts.  Through decades of research, our scientific advisors found that regular practice of this breathing meditation allowed the astronauts they worked with, as well as their clinical patients, to be more focused while building their resilience to stress and anxiety.  We’re so excited to bring this science to the public, and we hope that Sona can help us all find a little more balance in our lives.

For all of our products, we strive to bridge technology, design and wellness.   Caeden is the perfect culmination of my winding career path and brings together my background and interests in fashion, product development, science and medicine – to say the least, I feel very fortunate.

Weekend wind down: Brooklyn Yoga Project, 185 Sackett Street, Brooklyn, NY, 11231

What does a day in the life of Soyoung look like? What do you look to daily to keep inspired?

Each day is pretty different, but now that I have a puppy I start mornings with coffee and the dog park. After that I’m checking emails, going in and out of meetings, and usually running to an event or dinner afterwards.  I like to build in time every day for a good sweat session with either yoga, Soul Cycle or running, which varies depending on my schedule.  My daily inspirations come in many forms, but I generally feel inspired when I’m learning.  Lately, I’m obsessed with podcasts, and I’m always amazed by the depth of knowledge that people have about interests that I’ve never considered or heard of.

Favorite neighbourhood spot: Cobble Hill Park

Describe the following in one sentence…

Your work ethic: 
Work hard,be disciplined and always have a sense of humor.

Your personal style: 
Be yourself with effortless effort.

Your future goals:
Think less about the future and more about now.

Your home/downtime:
Dog snuggles and dog cleaning.

Your go to activities to destress at the end of a busy work week: 
Food, friends, wine and Lucy.

Local Cafe: Tekoa NY, 264 Clinton Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Soyoung’s outfit details: Acne Studios t-shirt, Carven pants, Vans sneakers,  APC x Retrosuperfuture sunglasses, vintage heirloom necklaces, Caeden Sona Connected Bracelet and gifted mala beads.

Describe your ideal weekend in New York? 

I love keeping my weekends open to see where they take me. My weekdays are generally pretty planned out, so I like to take the weekends to do what inspires me in the moment and to recharge.

Has New York lived up to its expectations for you? Why/How?

I love New York for the incredible people I have met and experiences I’ve been fortunate to have.  New York can be tough, but it never disappoints.

Soyoung Park Caeden OVERT NYC Noho BackpackDetails: Noho leather snap off pouch, Caeden Sona Bracelet in Rose Gold, Caden Linea Nº2 Headphones in ceramic and rose gold.

What’s the start up culture at Caeden like compared to working for a big fashion house?  

Caeden is like no other place I’ve ever worked.  Start up culture in general is a fun, fast-paced, exciting and challenging experience, but Caeden is really special because of the team we’ve built.  We work really hard, and we laugh a lot.  It’s so hard to compare start up life to working for a big fashion house because they’re just so different.  In a lot of ways, working in fashion prepared me for start-up life because fashion is also fast-paced and filled with extremely intelligent, hardworking and talented individuals.

How long have you been doing yoga for and what do you love about it?

I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for over 10 years. In the past couple of years, I recently recommitted to the practice after discovering Brooklyn Yoga Project, a really special community studio in Carroll Gardens. Yoga is my moving meditation – it helps me get out of my head and feel grounded.  New York can be hectic, and I think everyone needs their own way to find some quiet here.

Soyoung Park Caeden OVERT NYC Noho Backpack

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