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There’s no doubt about it, the city is full of them, but this City Girl is most definitely one of the “turn back and check her out” then “realize how cool and clever she is” and “why can’t I hate her” types.

Stop and say hello (I bet she’ll give you a gleaming “hello” right back), and once you get over just “how good looking” she is, you will be captivated by her big heart and intrigued by her fresh open mind. She’s a creative at the core, beginning her painting in the early years of her life because “there was no internet” and recently created her first zine “hotpot” that features select imagery from her travels throughout Asia, aptly named after one last epic feast. The zine has been inducted into the National Museum of Women in the Arts.

We were first inspired by Bianca’s witty outlook on the world via her Instagram feed and definitely do not regret reaching out to say “hi”. Join us for the latest City Girl Hangout as we get to know Bianca Valle, what you might call a modern-day bohemian, a photographer and painter, a zine maker and all-round creator of good vibes.

Lives //
On Canal Street in that tiny pocket that is Tribeca and Soho and Chinatown combined

The Creative Mindset //

“I’ve always been a really creative person. To be honest, one of the reasons I was able to kind of hone my creativity at such a young age was because I was pre-internet. Because I didn’t have distractions like Instagram, I was forced to sit in my room and entertain myself since I was young and I would paint and also taught myself how to crochet. I would always beg my mum to take me to Michael’s and buy stuff like make-my-own keychains! I’m kind of the odd one out in the family so I’m not sure where it came from, my entire family work in finance!”


Eats + Drinks //

“I’m a big Katz Pastrami girl and they have a Katz pizza at Speedy Romeo. And another place I’m frequenting right now is Smood because of the amazing cashew milk. It’s so thick and delicious! I have it in my latte. I’m also a big oat milk fan. My current mission is to find more coffee shops with oat milk.”


bianca valle overt nyc
“that” cashew milk
bianca valle overt nyc
@ Smood, Soho










“I always start at home with breakfast. I don’t buy breakfast. I cook, make my eggs, and then during the day I go get lunch. I love Sweetgreen.”

SG specialty or have you graduated to the make your own?  “I make up my own. How can you let someone else decide what’s in your salad?!


“Dinner is my social time. I try to always have a fun dinner with a friend. Tonight I’m meeting with my friend Bella, we’re going to go and try ABC V. I really hope we don’t have to wait 8 years for a table!”


Apartment Game //

“I’m from California. I moved to NYC to attend NYU, so my first 3 years here were in a dorm. My first apartment was on Lafayette and 4th St and then I moved here (on Canal and Grand) with 2 other girls who are really cool.”

bianca valle overt nyc sohobianca valle overt nyc soho





Style @ Home //

“I’m pretty lucky because I have the same style as my roommates. I think it’s so special that the 3 of us can have the same taste and we can decide on one piece of furniture and then split the costs, like this amazing console unit that the 3 of us pitched in for and are in love with.”




bianca valle overt nyc soho

Natural Habits //

“I’m definitely a lower Manhattan girl — a lot of my friends make fun of me like it’s a big deal when I go to Brooklyn!”

bianca valle overt nyc soho


Staying in “The Know” //bianca valle overt nyc soho

“I find out about a lot of things through Instagram. It’s definitely a place I go to find out about a new restaurant or other spots, where to go upstate… I also ALWAYS use Google searches, for example, “Day trips from New York.”


A Perfect Weekend //

“I’m a big dinner girl. On Friday after work, I would go somewhere yummy for dinner with friends. Saturday I like to make eggs, I’m a huge “eggs at home” fan, (hopefully my boyfriend who lives in Berlin would be in the city) then we’d go get a coffee, walk around, go to the park and read. OR wake up super early and go on a day trip. I went to Storm King recently and Dia Beacon.”

Wearing //

Vintage Levi’s 505’s, “I dedicated an entire afternoon to thrift store hunting to find these!”
Jacket // Topshop

Shoes // Ferragamo Loafers
Top // American Apparel

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