Upstate with And North

Even though OVERT is all about the City Girl doesn’t mean we don’t like to escape it every now and then! When the noise, heat and constant hustle of the city gets a bit too much, sometimes all we need is a little bit of fresh air and fauna to be able to  relax and hit the reset button. While researching “trolling through Pinterest and Instagram” our inspiration prayers were answered and we came across the ultimate guide and must do’s blog for Upstate NY –  And North.  Enter….. Emma Tuccillo the Founder behind the beautifully curated blog. She moved to the big city 4 years ago, originally coming from a small town called Hastings on Hudson, a 40 mintue drive north of the city. Although she has moved, you’ll find Emma upstate most weekends (She told us she has no free weekends until the end of October… Talk about busy!) snapping away, staying in incredible accommodation and eating country style food.

Antoinette’s Patisserie, 417 Warburton Ave, Hastings-On-Hudson, NY 10706: We stopped to into the small family style cafe, which is one of Emma’s favorite places to grab a bite to eat and chat with old friends. The tiny cafe has quirky interior and was filled with local town members, making us feel right at home.

What we ate: Farm-style omelette & salad, Country style curry chicken sandwich, Roast Angus beef sandwich with wasabi relish & pickled onions

What we drank: Almond Cappuccino, Iced Latte & Flat White

And North

What inspired you to first start the blog And North?
We created And North to inspire creativity, collaboration and a sense of community among those interested in connecting the vibrant neighborhoods of New York City with the picturesque regions that lie North.

I love that I can drive 2 hours north and feel so far away from the city. A drive down a dirt road can lead me to amazing farms, conversations with interesting people, or an incredible meal. I think a true feeling of adventure is hard to find in the city but so easy to attain when I travel north. Time seems to slow down and opportunities reveal themselves left and right.

And North

How do you delegate time between your blog and your full time job?
It can be challenging, but when you love something, you make time for it in every nook and cranny of the day. I try to stay as organized as possible, with lists jotted down in countless notebooks and sticky notes on the wall of my apartment. I have an amazing team that works on And North every day: Tim LaSalle our Design Director and Sylvie Morgan Brown our Editorial Director. They help me to keep And North going and are always inspiring me with new ideas.

And North

One of the main things that caught our eye was the beautifully crafted imagery that Emma and her team creates for And North.

I started taking pictures when I was 15. My mom is a photographer, so I think it was in the blood. I only shot black and white film for the first 5 years until I went to photo school at SUNY New Paltz and started experimenting with digital and alternative processes. It is a wonderful outlet that allows me to see beauty in the world that may go unnoticed.

And North

Once we finished up lunch we were on the move to check out one of Emma’s best kept secret upstate locations.

Ok, so we need you to stop and picture a 1920’s Royal French Garden…. Got it?

Well, that’s exactly what the Untermyer Gardens feels like – We had to keep reminding ourselves that we were still in New York. The Untermyer Gardens is made up of acres and acres of perfectly landscaped gardens that would trick anyone into thinking they had jumped on a plane and landed in Europe.

Emma told us the story of the gardens…an estate owned by the lawyer and civic leader Samuel Untermyer. (hence the name!) Untermeyer built the Beaux Artes style gardens in the early 1900’s.

When Untermeyer passed in 1940, he declared his wish for the gardens to be a gift to the Nation, or the state of New York, or City of Yonkers, but given the great expense of the upkeep to the sculptures and the garden, the gift was declined.

The gardens and sculptures lay untouched for over 50 years, and gradually fell into disrepair, and much of the site became overgrown, and reverted to woodland.

The City of Yonkers decided to accept the gift, and since 2011, the Untermyer Gardens Conservancy, a non-profit, has been working on restoring the gardens to it’s current glory. And lucky for us who now get to benefit from all this hard work!!

Upstate with And North

Favourite things about the city: I love the energy of the city. The bustle of the streets and the diversity of the people who live here. There is something so special about being in the city during the week.

Favorite things about Upstate New York:  I love being upstate on the weekends. I look forward to leaving the city to find myself in open fields and quiet roads.

“City during the week and Upstate on the weekends seems to keep me balanced.”

A day in the life of Emma: I love to sleep, so I tend to stay up very late working and try to wake up a bit late. The day is a constant flow of answering emails, editing photos, drinking coffee, working on my day job, meeting with potential collaborators, and starting it all over again. I love to multi-task on many projects at once to keep things fresh. I head upstate on the weekends to shoot new locations and explore.


The ideal upstate weekend:

My ideal weekend upstate would probably include a visit to The Western Catskills. I would drive up Route 28 to Delaware County, which opens up to bucolic scenes resembling the alps. My good friends Sara and Sohail own Brushland Eating House in Bovina. A meal at their farm-to-table restaurant is incredible every time, from local greens to grass-fed burgers. I love to stay in the Airbnb above the restaurant, wake up early, and explore the area. There is just so much to discover.

And North

To discover more things to do and places to stay upstate check out And North …….