Our first encounter with Kelsey happened in the same way many good girl crushes start, in an Instagram rabbit hole, via fellow City Girl + Founder of Taste The Style – Cyndi Ramirez. Kelsey has been producing for THE STAYCATIONERS (Taste The Style’s travel editorial series) for almost a year now and met Cyndi through Celine Bossart (TTS contributor and creator of THE STAYCATIONERS). She’s an impressive vision (all 6 glorious ft) with a big heart to match, beaming with optimism. Kelsey has a way of making people feel at home when they are with her – so much so, our Co-Founder Sax was convinced to include Bushwick in her current apartment hunt after a morning spent with Kelsey!  She’s a lover of beautiful places + spaces, creative work, good people, relationships, and incredible experiences. Get to know what keeps this bright light bright, and say – Hey, Kelsey.

kelsey panicco overt nyc noho bagLives //  Bushwick

City Girl Mindset //

“City living is high energy, and I am naturally a “high-energy” person. NYC city living keeps me on my toes, and continues pushing me to become the best version of myself.”

The Backstory //

“I hail from Pittsburgh, PA where I grew up 20 minutes outside of the city. I truly believe that smaller city-life sculpted my personality and personal style, and inspired me to take my life to the next level in NYC.”kelsey panicco overt nyc      




The Hustle(s) //

What: Senior Social Media Executive at Rachel Van Dolsen and Producer for THE STAYCATIONERS on Taste The Style

Why: “The digital landscape is a unique space to be in right now. All social + web platforms offer a huge opportunity for influencer relations, creative strategy, and brand optimization. All of these things make my heart flutter.”

How: “Lots of side hustles, proving myself, building my creative work within my personal brand, and cutting out work that I don’t align with.”  


Content Creation  // “I realized I love content creation when I fell in love with taking photos and editing them, as well as taking the lead in producing creative projects and blog content. I always make sure the content is refined and representative of the brand voice when I’m working with a client.”


Who’s Nailing It // “I LOVE the vibes of Glossier and Obseese. From their color scheme to their collaborators. They do a wonderful job of keeping their aesthetic genuine and fun.” kelsey panicco overt nyc noho bag city girl bushwick

What’s Next!? // “Honestly, I think brands and influencers will continue investing in content creation for a long time, and I think we’re headed to a place where every single thing we do will be personalized and experiential.”

kelsey panicco overt nyc noho bag city girlPlaying Favorites // “I always have a hard time picking favorites in any category of life, but I’d say within my creative work, I have been loving every project in and outside of the office because every opportunity is a chance to sharpen weaker skillsets and to build on my community and network. I love producing each installment for THE STAYCATIONERS, along with the influencer events Celine and I have produced together. All of my work at RVD means the world to me as well because I am so passionate about each of my clients and their brand strategy.”    

Goals // CAREER: to continuing excelling in the work that I love PERSONAL: to continue growing within wellness and spirituality

City Living //

“I have lived in NYC for 7 years, and Bushwick for 3.5 years. My home is my safe space and creative sanctuary, and I always make sure it’s tidy and inspiring for anyone who walks through my front door. When I moved to Bushwick 3 years ago it was filled with creative hotspots already but was more off the beaten path for Manhattanites. It hasn’t changed too much, it has only grown and more people are moving here.

I do believe it will be the next Williamsburg in about 5 years, which is a little scary, haha.”

kelsey panicco overt nyc “My first apartment was a newly renovated, 3 bedroom shoebox on Stanton and Suffolk in Lower East Side. We made it really chic, but I could only fit my full-size bed and Ikea closet in my room! I ended up Living in LES for 3 years in 2 different apartments. Now I have two closets, a rolling rack, a desk, a vanity and living room chair in my room. Everyone should just move to Bushwick, lol.”  

The Bushwick Local Agenda //

kelsey panicco overt nyc noho bag city girl kelsey panicco overt nyc noho bag city girl    

First Stop: AP Cafe for coffee

Second Stop: Heavy Woods for brunch

Third Stop: Local Honey for manis

Cocktails: Sally Roots



kelsey panicco overt nyc noho bag city girl My Noho Bag // “I LOVE that there are so many different compartments to this backpack and that the silhouette is as chic as a handbag. There are not many unique backpacks on the market which is what made OVERT standout to me! I also love the “City Girl” digital component – it’s an amazing way to build a strong, creative community.”          


Style // kelsey panicco overt nycSunglass LA shades

Saks Cropped 


ALDO velvet booties

My mom’s vintage Mink fur coat

kelsey panicco overt nyc

Follow Her @kelseypanicco Shop The Noho Bag and use the code OVERTGIRL for 20% off + stay tuned for our Speed Date with Kelsey.