Alex Silver Fagan

WHO: Alex Silver-Fagan

WHAT: Nike Fitness Trainer, Yogi and Fitness Instructor at Solace New York

WHERE: Midtown, Manhattan

IG: @Alexsilverfagan

Fearless and Strong – don’t let her small frame fool you. This week’s OVERT City Girl is a Nike Trainer, Model and fitness/ wellness coach, introducing Alex Silver-Fagan. With her positive energy and contagious smile, Alex constantly motivates and encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle and realise their personal inner strength. The 24-year-old is a force to be reckoned with as she juggles photoshoots, events, partnerships, classes and coaching, all while working on her own personal brand within the fitness industry.

We always love hearing about girls in the city that are DOING IT ALL and not to mention those that inspire other girls to strive for their ‘girl boss goal’ within the community. In this City Girl post, Alex talks to us about her recent partnership with the non for profit organisation The Movemeant Foundation, the power of social media and empowering women in the fitness industry.

Time to workout: Solace New York, 38 E 32nd St, NY 10016

What’s are your favorite things about being a WOMAN within the fitness industry?

Women have more power than they realize. We’ve constantly been in a battle to prove that we can do just as much (if not more) as our male counterpart and that isn’t any different with fitness. It’s cool to push through boundaries and break down stereotypes of how strong we actually are.

My favorite example of this is from Serena Williams when she won the 2016 Wimbledon semifinal. A reporter asked her how she felt about going down as one of the greatest female athletes of all time, and Serena responded by saying “I prefer the phrase ‘one of the greatest athletes of all time’.image-2

What are your thoughts on the fitness industry now compared to when you first were introduced to it? 

When I was first introduced to the fitness industry, I thought that bodybuilding and bikini competitions were examples of “healthy” lifestyles. I’ve since realized how much larger the fitness industry is, and how much more goes into being “healthy.” Additionally, this industry has gotten trendier over the past 3 years. Meaning, when working out used to be a “to-do list” item, it is now a social event, and is a main aspect of most people’s day to day.

While many still don’t work out for the right reasons, fitness instructors and professionals like myself have an opportunity to shift our client’s (and the world’s) perspectives on exercise. And instead of just keeping it trendy, make it necessary and enjoyable.

A lot of people talk about the downside of social media but can you tell us the positive experience and benefits you have had from having a large social media following? 

Social media is a funny thing, it can be very jaded and superficial but at the end of the day, it’s also an incredible platform to connect with thousands (and hopefully one-day millions) of people all over the world. From a professional standpoint, I’m able to promote events, spread awareness, and simply share positivity all online. Personally, it allows me (and the rest of the world) to connect and make relationships with people whom I may have never met otherwise. Funny enough, I met my best friend via IG.

Matcha on the go: Blank Slate, 121 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016

How did you get involved with MoveMEANT and what are the aspects of the organization speak to you personally?

Jenny Gaither, the founder of the Movemeant Foundation reached out to me a few months ago asking if I’d like to be a part of her event happening on 10/2 in NYC called Dare To Bare. I was thrilled.

The Movemeant Foundation’s mission is to empower young women to feel confident about their bodies by using physical movement as a platform for building self-worth and positive body image. This is exactly the message I try to convey in my classes and on my social channels. Personally, I went through a period of disordered eating patterns in college when I thought that beautiful meant skinny. Even during my time of competing in bikini competitions, I was using exercise and movement for all the wrong reasons. We need to fall in love with exercise and fall in love with ourselves.


What are your beauty tricks to keep looking fresh in between your work outs?

In between workouts I always use dry shampoo and either switch my hair from a pony to braid, or a bun, or leave it down, or vice versa, etc. Changing my hair keeps my roots from staying sweaty and also feels like I’ve possibly showered (ha) even when I haven’t.

It’s also important to wash your face after an intense sweat session. I use a very mild cleanser and only wash it if I’ve gotten very, very sweaty. Otherwise, cleansing multiple times a day can make your skin dry and strip away all of the good oils on your face. I, also always put on a fresh pair of training clothes, even if I have to sweat again later. It’s never fun to sit around in a sweaty sports bra.


What would you be doing if you weren’t in the fitness/ health industry?

I honestly can’t see my life being any different! Every step that’s got me to where I am right now has been so organic that I really think I’m on the right path. If I could pick any other career it might be singing or acting. I was drama club president in high school!

A day in the life of Alex

Every day for Alex is VERY different. “My weeks are big puzzles that fit together with puzzle pieces like classes, clients, meetings, photo shoots, my own training, events, and also computer work (writing articles and answering e-mails).”

The OVERT team were put through one of Alex’s sweat worthy classes at the Dare to Bare event at Union Square last weekend. Stay tuned to hear all about the Movemeant Foundation and how our legs felt after, in tomorrow’s blog post….